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"Who's Behind The Lens?" – An Interview With Sophia Ragomo

With an expansive portfolio including iconic names such as Bishop Briggs, Grouplove, Temples, SWRMS, Foxygen, and many more, photographer Sophia Ragomo is completely taking over the music scene with her stunning and unique film-based photos. Personally, I’ve been a fan of her work for a while now and was ecstatic when she agreed to a feature on Pure Nowhere. Each photo perfectly captures the emotion and nostalgia of each show, and whether it be digital or Polaroid, she never ceases to amaze. In our interview she talks to us about why she got into photography, her top tips for photographers trying to break into the business, and her dream tour. It also includes a large collection of Sophia’s all time favorite photos, so read on!


Today in 2017, the world of zines and independent print is undergoing a constant evolution. As more and more opinionated artists, writers, and activists join the game, a larger light is given to us to express ourselves, to really be heard. Andrea Lux is a Peruvian artist that is currently taking the world by storm, gaining attention and inspiring others with her nostalgic collages and cut-out art. This is definitely a girl you’ll want to keep an eye on, one day her name in will be seen in large publications all over the globe, I know it. Keep reading to learn a little more about Andrea, and to see a collection of her favorite works.  

Sonder; n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

Written by Emily Brower, Photos by Kyla Rain Does it ever hit you that everyone has their own thoughts, their own inner monologue, their own opinions they think inside their head but never say out loud? Everyone has their own experiences and feelings that no other person can even begin to understand, and no matter how hard you try to explain your inner monologue, you could never do it justice. When I fall in love with a band or a song I become completely infatuated and attached to these people that don’t even know I exist. I have all these thoughts about them racing through my mind and if someone were to ask me what I was thinking about, no arrangement of words would equate the thoughts in my mind. It’s crazy to me that people can just listen to a song or see a band in concert but not form some sort of emotional attachment to them. Two people can listen to the same song and for one, the experience of this one song could make their entire world flip upside …

A Foreign Film Project.

by Francesca Tirpak Over the last couple of months, I have documented my experiences, both in my visits back to San Diego and my life in Leeds, on a point and shoot 35mm film camera that I picked up in a thrift store (a highly recommended thing to do). Following are some of the images I’ve taken, plus some from my Polaroid, as a bit of comparison between the two worlds. In September of 2016, I left the town I had known my entire life and moved across the Atlantic Ocean, a full 6,000 miles away, to the town of Leeds in West Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. It had been a long road, almost nine month since I had gotten word that, upon completion of my high school diploma, I would have an unconditional acceptance to my first choice school, Leeds Beckett University. With the announcement of Brexit shortly after my acceptance, the process of receiving a study visa in order to legally live in another country, and leaving all my comforts behind, it’s a …

A Collection of Photographs, "Untitled."

Moments in time that many just look over and dismiss as a fleeting feeling, German photographer Josh Kern has captured our attention with his awe-inspiring images on film. Some may overlook these feelings in the moment, move on to the next face, the next motion, the next word that seems to distract from the importance of this second, of right now. We live our lives too fast to realize the emotion and reality in everyday. I am forever envious of people like Josh, who are able to stop, realize, and snap a photo. Here’s a collection of some of his favorite pieces paired with a song that captures the energy. full playlist on Spotify here