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“You Gotta Breathe It, Eat It, Shower It, Or Something Like That"- An Interview With Los Shadows

Article written by Autumn McDonald For San Diego band Los Shadows, it all started with the simple question of: “Do you wanna go to California and do music?” All five members came together from places like Florida all to make music they say is described as surf goth, one member saying, “Yeah, some people call us surf goth…I wouldn’t wanna take it on but, I mean it is what it is.”


Article written by Kyla Wyllie Video filmed and edited by Kyla Wyllie The infamous DIY venue, known as The Che Cafe, describes the local music scene in a nutshell. Created by unedited self expression and complete social and creative acceptance, The Che Cafe is a must visit destination for music lovers residing in San Diego. Some might see it as a small building swallowed whole by spray paint and graffiti, but if you take another look you’ll see a safe space filled with a close family of strangers, all there for one reason… music.