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"Make An Impact"- An Interview With Essex Class

Article written by Autumn McDonald Photography by Annika Cimas Before Battle of the Bands on the 27th, Kyla and I interviewed the band Essex Class. You may remember their name from the article, “No Breaks” that Kyla wrote about their one year anniversary, and their brief commentary in the general “The Battle To Play Warped Tour” article. This time around with Essex Class, we asked a few questions about the Battle and their all-around musical performance.

THE BATTLE TO PLAY WARPED TOUR – Includes Commentary From Jara, Opt Out, Essex Class, And The Casualists

Article by Kyla Wyllie Photography by Annika Cimas Warped Tour (n.) – A summer rock festival, circuiting the U.S. since 1995, making it the longest running music festival in all of North America. It is also the biggest traveling music festival in the U.S. Eight fantastic bands got the opportunity to battle for a chance to play Warped Tour 2k16 on the night of May 27. Only one came out on top but all eight acts left everything, and then some, on stage. From the punk, head-banging vibes of Amaya Light to the killer vocals and harmonica solo brought by The Casualists, there was definitely a wide spectrum of talent displayed.

"No Breaks" – The One Year Anniversary Of The Band Essex Class

Article written by Kyla Wyllie “It’s kind of crazy to think that Essex Class only started a year ago. The anniversary of our first show is on Monday,” says Ross Martin, lead guitarist of local band, Essex Class. He talked with us and opened up about his band, and the journey they’ve been on since it first started. “Ryan Merrill and I met in a music class during my freshman year of college at USD,” little did he know that this friendship was going to completely change the direction of his career, and his imamate future. “Ryan and I decided to start writing together, and Essex Class was born. Later we found Lance, the drummer, and Lance knew Andrew, the bassist.”