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Downtown Boys @ Soda Bar 4/16/17

A few years ago I found myself asking “Why does listening to politically and socially conscious music tend to be a phase people grow out of as they get older?” Is it that the exuberant passion they once had for it during their more formative years vanished as they transitioned more into adulthood? Did they just become apathetic? Because certainly the subject matter is never childish, and the issues addressed usually affect mostly adults.


Thought a concert couldn’t happen in a backyard? Ask the overflowing crowd that showed up to support local indie surf-punk band, Bad Kids, and think again. Just two days ago, the guys of Bad Kids, (Bassist: Arturo Macias, Drummer: Leon Lara, Guitarist: Ray Hamilton, Keys: Chad Boland, and Vocalist: Kalani Lomu) along with Fake Tides, Los Shadows, Instinct, Spooky Cigarette, and T.Rexico threw the wildest and most memorable house show to ever exist in Imperial Beach.