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"A Little Extra Zinger" – An Interview with Arigato Amigo

Article by Kyla Wyllie “Arigato Amigo was kind of a joke between Ryan Frailich and I. I’d always end my texts with that, and I had been looking for a name for a long time. This just seemed to fit perfectly. Ironically, all of the songs on my EP are based off of former friendships and relationships, so being called ‘Thank You Friend’ is a little extra zinger.” Playing music since the ripe age of eight, Cameron Burt has officially entered the local music scene under the alias, “Arigato Amigo.” (See one of our previous articles, reviewing his debut  music video for the song, “Bless Your Cosmic Heart.”)

Bless Your Cosmic Heart – By Arigato Amigo

Passage Written by Kyla Wyllie Can we take a moment to appreciate raw talent? Because that’s all I hear when I listen to the new song by up and coming artist Arigato Amigo (AKA Cameron Burt). I can’t tell what genre of music this falls into, but that just makes it even better. A perfect song to space out to, this track is full of the smooth jazz style guitar and percussion that people love, yet it can’t be classified as “smooth jazz.” Whatever it is, I really dig it and hope you will too.