Emma – Mixtape Curator

  Emma – Mixtape Curator Instagram 15, from Boston. Generally found eating dates, hummus, and lots of coffee, with earbuds in. She believes the key to someone’s soul is the music they listen to, she’s in love with how trees look right after it snows, and her favorite activity is jumping, feet first, into the Atlantic Ocean    

Emily Blake – Journalist

  Emily Blake – Journalist Instagram – Blog – The Wednesday Zine 17, from Phoenix, Arizona, she’s the founder of the Wednesday Zine and Art Collective, member of the Phoenix Art Museum Teen Art Council, and is involved in Planned Parenthood. As a writer, she focuses on the intersection between art and activism, the ability to empower your voice using art, underrepresented ideas and experiences, and analysis of how media impacts our lives.    

Furqan – Contributor

  Furqan – Contributor Instagram 16 year old Canadian who happens to be a fan of late night political satire and spicy food. She believes, when used efficiently, anger can lead to art and beautiful word play. Breaking down giants in today’s politics is her specialty, and within the occasional rant or composed essay, she shares her outlook and aims to engage young people like her.    

Isobel – Web Illustrator

  Isobel – Web Illustrator Instagram – Blog Shoutout to Iz for putting up with my long and very confusing instagram messages detailing new illustration ideas for non-existant posts. Literally any sketch in any post is by her, and she pulls everything together on the site. 17, from Dorset, England, finding inspiration in the beautiful things that surround her. Drawing is her form of escapism, a way of hiding from the business of life. She draws all sorts of things – from plants and people to cosy spaces and moons. She draws to create her own little world of freedom and peace.      

Kyla Rain – Co-Creator and Music Editor

  Kyla Rain – Co-Creator and Music Editor Instagram  [pretty much single-handedly responsible for keeping Abby sane] A 17 year old music junkie from San Diego, California. She runs an online music magazine, Pure Nowhere, which covers musicians, artists, and photographers from all over the world. Where you can find her: dancing her heart out at a local show, eating an absurd amount of pasta, or blasting The Kinks at a damaging volume (probably sitting on a roof somewhere thinking about the future).    

Abby Strangward – Co-Creator & Culture Editor

  Abby Strangward –  Co-Creator & Culture Editor Instagram – YouTube – Spotify – Portfolio Creator and writer for Pure Nowhere, she’s 15, from the south coast of Australia. Would be a complete mess without the rest of the team, and is kind of a complete mess anyway. She eats too many mangos, feels at home by the ocean, and is pursuing her passions in nearly all art forms. LOVES: yoga, surfing, reading, film-making, speaking french, rain, thai food, print and flowy pants.