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Teen Movie Soundtrack


teen dance

By our curator, Isabel. Cover art by Leighton Hoey.

“Music for that quintessential teen movie. A combination of beat heavy pop to smooth jams that capture school dances to first kisses.”

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paint smear pink

Time to Pretend – MGMT

Alaska – Maggie Rogers

Anybody Out There – Young Mister

So Close – Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Cheap Thrills – Junior Prom

Faded Heart – BORNS

Parking Lot – Hunny

Sit Next to Me – Foster the People

Panama – Sports

Beach Bummer – No Vacation

Super Far – LANY

Up All Night – Beck

Way it Goes – Hippo Campus

American Boyfriend – Kevin Abstract

Robbers – the 1975

Friday Nights are for Lovers – The Cigarette Blondes

Warm Honey – Willow

24/7 – The Neighbourhood

The Middle – Jimmy Eat World

Honey Sweet – Blossoms

Streetlights – Boxing at the Zoo

Everytime – boy pablo

Hello – Jaunt

The Suburbs – Arcade Fire

paint smear pink




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