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i-D’s Summer of Love (4-Part)


In 2017, i-D put together a 4-part series entitled Summer of Love. Each chapter focuses on a new love story, and particularly how it interacts with the city it’s set in. From Paris, to London to Barcelona, through whispered interviews and vivid, intimate footage, i-D opens the door to exploring modern love in the most candid, visually beautiful way possible.


For the first episode, i-D follows three friends who met in London’s gay club scene, exploring how queer clubbing formed and deepened their relationships. Safe places where people go to be who they are are integral aspects of a city’s nightlife, and these friends show us how love is flourishing in the London LGBTQ+ community.

For the second episode, i-D heads to Paris, following a first love story between young model & actor Lukas Ionesco, and model Angele Metzger.  Lukas and Angele roam the Parisian streets, sharing their perspectives on modern romance, exploring gender and femininity and demonstrating how punk and love go hand in hand.

From i-D: “Tia and Nadine are in love. From a shared bond and a desire to collaborate creatively sprung an inspiring project to bring together their South London community via a series of nights and exhibitions celebrating queer, trans and non binary women of colour. With its all-inclusive policy, BBZ challenges outdated ideas around identity, gender, race and sexuality. Meet the totally beautiful couple behind the movement in this candid film directed by i-D favourite Ronan Mckenzie.”

For the last episode, i-D touches down in Barcelona for an intimate, queer love-story. Young Spanish filmmaker Leo Adef follows Pau and Guiu, who started talking through Instagram. Enamoured with each other, the couple recall how they first met and how they know it’s love as the city turns to gold in the setting sun. Barcelona is freedomIt’s ours. We’re so young. How would we describe our relationship? Like things exploding.


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