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WATCH: Slapper


Gritty, sexual, and seeped in a raw social realism, Slapper is a gut-punch of a film. Released online a few weeks ago after a slew of festival appearances (including Sundance, Melbourne International, Sydney, and various International appearances), it’s left audiences thrilled, disgusted, and shocked.

Director Luci Schroder commited over 4 years of her life to the project, even living in the rural Australian suburban area Slapper was shot. The casting process was long, and she ended up taking to the streets. “A few people were even found in a KFC and in the Morewell mall.”

Whilst some people find the film intensely over-the-top, Schroder says it isn’t a patch on the real things that are going on in parts of rural Australia. “I want to tell stories that speak to the hardship of human life,” she says, explaining what drew her to the project. “I enjoy working with people whose stories and messages are vital and important for survival.”

An undercurrent of black humour, viscerally charged cinematography and a stunning performance from Saphire Blossom give Slapper a powerful, raw kick, and make it a  film that refuses to fade quickly from your mind.


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