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WATCH: No Love For Fuckboys


No Love For Fuckboys explores the layers of sexual assault, and the repercussions afterwards. Director Ricardo Bouyett created the film as a form of response and recovery from his own sexual assault experience.

“The project became about discussing a sexual assault survivor’s perspective on love and dating. Sexual assault survivor stories are often diluted to just the drama of the rape and the initial shock; I wanted to make a story that’s about the survivor’s point of view after. How does one’s perspective of life shift when trauma strikes? Does it even shift or does it get heightened?”

In his Director Notes, Bouyett explains his complete belief as a child that he would never find love, and how his rape cemented his belief that he wasn’t deserving. He explores the last few years after his sexual assault; looking for love in empty promises, and using the idea of sex as a form of power and control. “I tried fucking my way out of my pain by using other men.”

Seperated into seven chapters, and set to spoken word poetry penned by Bouyett himself, the film explores sex, love, abuse and trauma primarily through dance and colour. Flowing through different phases of trauma, guided by a haunting score and raw, viscerally charged cinematography, this is a multi-layered approach to depicting a topic rarely approached with such unflinching honesty.

“It’s all cyclical. The names and the faces change, but it’s always the same dance.”


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