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WATCH: Listen Now, Misty Dawn


Finally, you can stream the full mind-bending 44 minutes of Kai Neville’s new film, Listen Now, Misty Dawn, starring Dion Agius, Creed McTaggart, Jack Freestone, Mitch Coleborn, Nate Tyler, Brendon Gibbens, Chippa Wilson, Taj Burrow & Shaun Manners.

After a long run of film premieres across multiple continents… shorts, trailers and email trades, the full thing is here. Free for watching & downloading, no sign-ups, spam or bullshit. And yeah, it was worth the wait. A ‘conceptual portrait’ chasing the EPØKHE surf team, it ‘blends parts & location based jaunts’ across Australia & Indonesia.

Director Kai Neville describes it as a kind of accidental snowball effect; “…all these things started happening, and it grew out of nowhere into a bit of a beast, unintentionally. Our hard drive just got bigger, it went from one terabyte to six in no time.”

Pulling footage from all over, it was a no-budget, full-team effort. “This was pretty much taking it back to basics. Working with friends and pooling together to make something everyone’s psyched on. To see those guys pumped to be a part of it definitely got me jazzed to edit all those hours.”

But the real question is – why are you still reading this when you could have team Epokhe on your screen for a full 44 minutes and 5 seconds?

Interview source: Monster Children


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