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Midnight Ramblers


“Meet the groupies of the golden age. Midnight Ramblers reimagines the dreamy lives of the muses, style icons and artists that inspired the rock stars of days gone by. Follow the NYC groupies rambling through the streets in a glittery haze of platforms, feather boas, bellbottoms and band tees, chasing the music that sets them free. We’re here to uncover the true meaning of “groupie” and redeem the notorious G-word.”

“Groupies have played a pivotal role shaping the industry, as fashion icons, musical muses and love interests. Pamela Des Barres founded the groupie band, the GTOs, which was produced by Frank Zappa. The Rolling Stones wrote “Ruby Tuesday” about a groupie Keith Richards once knew, and David Bowie hired Cherry Vanilla, self-proclaimed groupie, as his super publicist. They’ve inspired dozens of songs and broke, even more, hearts, and Midnight Rambler is re-imagining the stories of the groupies behind the feather boas and swathes of suede.” – Dazed


midnight ramblers 2


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