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Love Letters



By our curator, Emma. Cover art by Josh Kern.

to him, to her, to them, to yourself. scribbled on gas station napkins, stuffed in gloveboxes, stored in your dresser drawer. xoxo em

liStEn HeRE


Beautiful – Bazzi

Frozen – Sabrina Claudio

Best Part – H.E.R., Daniel Caesar

Honey – Kehlani

Easily – Bruno Major

Mine – Bazzi

Losin Control – Russ

Easy – Mac Ayres

Blind Man – Xavier Omar

The Wall – anders

Satvia – Jhene Aiko

Pineapple Skies – Miguel

Keep Ya Head Up – Jhene Aiko

For You – SoMo

Self Control – Frank Ocean

Ain’t Nobody Taking My Baby – Russ

Die For You – The Weeknd

Black Lingerie – Quincy

If You Let Me – Sinead Harnett, GRADES

Every Kind of Way – H.E.R



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