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In Love with a Guitarist


D004371-R1-04-18 (wizardslikecatnip klasse w gold 200)

By our curator, Isabel. Cover art by Brook Mckeon.

“Let the chords carry you away. Songs with strong guitar prescence that I just love so much.”

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paint smear pink

Everytime – boypablo

June – Natalie Green

Ready / Problems – boypablo

Chronic Sunshine – Cosmo Pyke

A Little While – Yellow Days

//// – Covey

Based – The Symposium

Sunflower – Rex Orange Country

Your Sweet Touch – Bahamas

June 29th – Kevin Abstract

Peach Pit – Peach Pit

Relax – Vacations

More Than Meets the Eye – Kid Bloom

May 1st – Beach Fossils

Best Friend – Rex Orange Country

Mind Fields – No Vacation

Stuck – Day Wave

Social Sites – Cosmo Pyke

Baby Blue – King Krule

Wilson State Park – Elijah

paint smear pink





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