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my story. claire michelle.


Listening to Claire talk is pure magic for the soul. Through these several hour-long videos, we watch and listen as Claire first visits Hawaii, and her documentation from thereon of her reawakening of self and transformation.

I know a lot of people who absolutely hate Claire, and a lot of people who adore her. Regardless, I find her to be constantly inspiring, and cemementing my faith in literal humanity. I suggest you save them for the rainiest days, when you need the most hope and encouragement.


In my mind, this is the first instalment of a shift in Claire’s videos. Hawaii was filmed and uploaded by her about a year ago, right around the time I came across her, and it documents her first trip to Hawaii, and reawakening of self.

To be Free encapsulates Claire’s last weeks in LA, the creation of a new piece of work, and the further events leading her to escape LA and return to Hawaii.

Ascend details Claire finally taking leave of LA – and the before and after of this decision.

My Story is the first time Claire talks completely openly about everything that has lead to this moment in her life, and all the pieces of the puzzle that we missed along the way.

From Nothing and To Everything are an intimate snapshot into the first months of Claire’s life in Hawaii, and the absolute change and upheaval she is still experiencing, but the complete reawakening of the self that occured.




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