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Can’t Nobody Else Love You


Can’t Nobody Else Love You is a short film presented by Dazed Digital. Directed by Ivan Olita, the film is an exploration of our perceptions of New York City, and the truths of the lives of six artists living there. Olita explores the difficulties faced by the young artists, and the concept that though they feel they are surrounded by like-minded people – the reason they came to New York – depression, access to drugs, and social media find them more lonely than ever, and not excelling like they thought they would.

In an interview with Dazed, Olita said:

“It was no longer about romanticizing a way of life; it became more about reporting the reality of their lives and trying to do it in the most romantic way. So when I think about the piece, I think about something real – raw – as its protagonists would say. It’s not comforting to watch, and it should not feel that way. New York is obviously the (un)spoken protagonist of the piece. It is where these kids find themselves. Where they want to make it happen. Where they will be eventually tested out against themselves and the world at large. We were less interested in perceiving the city as a geographical place but rather a state of mind. The focus is less about ‘being in NY’, and more about ‘feeling in NY’ and feeling in NY is often times not as easy as it could seem.”


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