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17 for 17


teens yo

Playlist by Ella Jones, Image by Brook Mckeon.

I love making playlists. When they’re playing they can create a certain mood in the room depending on the playlist. They can make your mood better instantly, just from hearing the first song that reminds you of better times. I made this playlist for the purpose of putting me in a mood to motivate me to get work done (or fail to, as I keep dancing to the raging bass that flows through a few of the songs on my list.) I named the playlist “17 for 17” because I’m 17 and here are 17 songs that I love right now. Pretty self-explanatory.

 listen here



I feel like I had to begin with the rap collective that honestly made 2017 fantastic. 3 albums in the space of 12 months, with every single song being pure genius. I have absolutely no idea how I came across Brockhampton, most likely on YouTube. Tokyo has an acapella feel to it throughout the introduction then it breaks through into the alternative hip-hop that Brockhampton is known to demonstrate.

 2) [Young Dumb & Broke by Khalid]

The only reason I discovered Khalid is that he was the support act at the Lorde concert I went to recently, so before I went I searched his songs and I found this song. He was so good live, his voice is just as good live as it is on the recorded tracks.

3) [In Da Club by 50 Cent]

This song is almost amusing to me, it always plays at the pub which I work at in the kitchen and whenever I hear it, it puts me in the best mood. It is a 00s hip-hop classic, guaranteed to get everyone dancing at the party. I’ve still got a personal goal to learn all the lyrics to this song.

4) [Lemon by N.E.R.D and Rihanna]

I first saw this song suggested on YouTube and I put it onto my watch later folder for around 3 weeks before I heard someone talk about it, which prompted me to listen – I was not disappointed. Rihanna rapping. Enough said.

5) [Be The One by Dua Lipa]

I actually discovered Dua Lipa through a small festival I went to in Nottingham 2 years ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t see her set (something I really regret) but I’m still so glad to have found her before she burst into the music industry like a storm. I have a nice memory of knowing this song and I was in the changing rooms of a clothing store and this song came on – it surprised me as I didn’t realize other people had discovered it yet – and now look where she is!


As my friend Sam once described, this song’s riff has Egyptian vibes. You won’t understand that until you hear it but it fits the song description pretty well. As I mentioned before, the thing I love about Brockhampton is that the rap has a variety of voices and styles. With this song, in particular, the rhythms change throughout the verses then loop back through to the chorus – musical genius in my opinion.

7) [Don’t Delete The Kisses by Wolf Alice]

I discovered this song by looking at someone’s Instagram story. I had been meaning to listen to Wolf Alice for a long time, so I typed in the song on YouTube and I was pleasantly surprised, especially with the music video. If you want to listen to this song, I suggest watching the video to accompany it because the true art of the song and the meanings behind it are really shown through the videography. I also love the harmonies behind the song, I believe this is a song that is best listened to whilst relaxing or laying down. I can picture a late night listening to this just absorbing the harmonies and breathing slowly, it sounds perfect.

8) [Where Did I Go? by Jorja Smith]

My best friend introduced me to Jorja Smith, she came on shuffle when we were playing music through her speakers one afternoon. This song is the definition of chilled out. I subscribed to her YouTube Channel simply because I loved her song so much. Jorja’s voice is one that I believe will be heard much more in the near future and throughout 2018. Watch this space for Jorja Smith.

9) [Prom by SZA]

SZA is hands down the best upcoming female artist of 2017. I discovered her name through Rihanna’s “Anti” Album as she is featured on the song “Consideration” (a song which I LOVE.) It wasn’t until “CTRL” her debut album was released that I realized her true talent. I chose Prom to be put on the playlist because I think it is dreamlike. For me it feels like an alternate reality, the harmonies blend into the background music, which for me makes it so beautiful.

10) [Something About You by Hayden James]

This song I also found on YouTube whilst clicking on suggested videos. My favourite lyric is “what about a hit of your love” which is essentially saying that the love is like a drug – that it is addicting. In terms of the music itself, it is very minimalistic but I find that effective. The bass notes at around the halfway point in the song really make the song for me (I’m a sucker for bass notes.)

11) [On My Mind by Jorja Smith and Preditah]

As I mentioned before I subscribed to Jorja Smith on YouTube, which led to this beauty of a song being found in my subscription box the day it was released. The lyrics are very simple, but that is all that it needs. The voice warping adds a bit of pizzaz to what would otherwise be a song that people would only play in the background. I relate to the lyrics in that I often feel my mind is very clustered and all I want is to just stop thinking about some irrelevant people or things.

12) [In My Feelings by Lana Del Rey]

There are 2 main reasons I started listening to Lana Del Rey.  The first being her song “Video Games” is featured on NOW 80, a music compilation disc which I own. It was that song that drew my attention to her when I was 14.  The next reason being her Born To Die album was on iTunes for £3, so as I had recently been given an iTunes gift card, I purchased it and the rest is history. I have followed her music ever since and “In My Feelings” for me is the most powerful rebellious song on the “Lust For Life album that she released in 2017. I really like that she mixed her powerful voice with hip-hop beats to present her well, feelings. Lana Del Rey will always be one of my favourite artists, I love her style and her voice is very different in comparison to the majority of singers who produce music these days.

13) [Hard Feelings/Loveless by Lorde]

Lorde has made her big comeback after her 4-year musical silence. I had the great opportunity to see Lorde in concert in  October – her passion and strength were shown throughout her performance. It was one of the best concerts I have been to, the amount of positivity that was in that concert hall was pushing out of the speakers and vibrating from every single person in that room. Her concert stood out to me, she changed her outfits every few songs, and whilst she was off stage a small television screen was placed on the stage showing small snippets of happy moments, her speaking voice being played in the background – it was so mesmerising. I love this song on her Melodrama album, mostly for the Loveless interlude. The meaning behind the lyrics “LOVELESS generation” – explaining that people don’t take love simply anymore, it has to be complicated with mind games.


Back at it again with Brockhampton. This was the first song I ever heard by them, upon hearing it you would guess the heavy bass drew me in, but then the almost “easy to learn” lyrics made me like it too. The best feeling is being able to rap to a song and perfect every single lyric, so for me the fact that the lyrics were reasonably easy to remember made me enjoy it even more. The flow of the rap is as always by Brockhampton, pure perfection. The loud beep at the end of the sing leading to the calmer voice section really adds to the surprise of the lyrics, it almost throws you off as the vibe of the interlude is completely different to the rest of the song.

15) [The Weekend by SZA]

The infamous single from SZA’s Album CTRL, another chilled out song which featured a slower rhythm talks about essentially being a “side chick”.  Sadly I can relate to the lyrics, especially “how you want me when you got a girl.” This does not prevent me from loving the song, I love the ad-lib that features in-between the basic chorus. I feel this song should feature on this playlist purely because of the badass vibe that flows throughout the song.

16) [Cherry by Lana Del Rey]

This is another one of my favourites from Lana’s recent album “Lust For Life.” I feel that it is another rebellious song from the album. Similarly to “In My Feelings” it features hip-hop beats and meaningful lyrics about love.

17) [Go Gina by SZA]

This song I treasure as it is a song my best friend and I love to sing along to. I love the up and down rhythm of it. Let’s just say whoever Gina is she must pretty damn cool.



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