The One That Got Away

  By our curator, Isabel. Cover art by @j_farran. “To the distant girl of your dreams. Some chill and mellow electric beats to listen to when she’s just within reach but not close enough.”   Sao Paulo – Vincent Mango Dance, Baby! – boy pablo Perks of Being a Sunflower – Soft Glas Girl Like You – Toro y Moi Draem Girl – No Vacation Down the Line – Beach Fossils My Kind of Woman – Mac DeMarco Degas Park – Kevin Abstract One and Only – Cuco Captions – Eventide Easy Love – Lauv Hurts – LANY Undo – the 1975 Japanese Denim – Daniel Caesar Somebody Else – the 1975 current location – LANY   CLICK TO LISTEN          

Grey Luh

  By our curator, Emma. Cover art by Lex. People always wonder what’s in your earbuds when you’re on the go. This is it. All those smooth, grey, bass-heavy tunes you listen to on the T.   Godspeed – Frank Ocean Ultralight Beam – Kanye West Summer Friends (feat. Jeremih & Francis & The Lights) – Chance the Rapper Sober – Childish Gambino Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak) – Mac Miller, Anderson .Paak Yesterday – Noname Late Night – GoldLink, Massego Why iii Love The Moon. – Phony Ppl Grey Luh – Berhana Edition – Rex Orange Country Mona Lisa – Monte Booker, Naji Ex Calling – 6LACK PURPLE TUESDAY (feat. Joey Bada$$ & Jesse Boykins III) – Rejjie Snow Jocelyn Flores – XXXTENTACION Ville Mentality – J. Cole ROS – Mac Miller C U Girl – Steve Lacy Foreplay – Jalen Santoy Anita – Smino Dapper – Domo Genesis, Anderson .Paak CLICK TO LISTEN          

Teen Movie Soundtrack

  By our curator, Isabel. Cover art by Leighton Hoey. “Music for that quintessential teen movie. A combination of beat heavy pop to smooth jams that capture school dances to first kisses.”   Time to Pretend – MGMT Alaska – Maggie Rogers Anybody Out There – Young Mister So Close – Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Cheap Thrills – Junior Prom Faded Heart – BORNS Parking Lot – Hunny Sit Next to Me – Foster the People Panama – Sports Beach Bummer – No Vacation Super Far – LANY Up All Night – Beck Way it Goes – Hippo Campus American Boyfriend – Kevin Abstract Robbers – the 1975 Friday Nights are for Lovers – The Cigarette Blondes Warm Honey – Willow 24/7 – The Neighbourhood The Middle – Jimmy Eat World Honey Sweet – Blossoms Streetlights – Boxing at the Zoo Everytime – boy pablo Hello – Jaunt The Suburbs – Arcade Fire CLICK TO LISTEN    

Dusty Days

  By our curator, Emma. Cover art by Brook Mckeon. “To accompany a lazy day of sunny picnics on the grass and you telling me all your favorite memories, from black out stories to your mom’s favorite ice cream. happy, psychadelic, and breezy lo-fi.”   Cigarette Daydreams – Cage The Elephant I Need a Woman – Hockey Dad Marinade – DOPE LEMON Pretty Girl – Clairo Spring Has Sprung – Skegss Lyla – The Districts Driving to Hawaii – Summer Salt Suburban Smell – The Districts Happiness – Rex Orange Country I Love You So – The Walters Oh! Darling – The Beatles Space Song – Beach House Loveland – Milky Chance Lo Que Siento – Cuco So Sad, So Sad – Varsity Feels Like We’re Dying – Johnny Goth Best Friend – Rex Orange Country Everytime – boy pablo Fallin for U – Peachy!, mxmtoon Falling Back – Washed Out CLICK TO LISTEN      

In Love with a Guitarist

  By our curator, Isabel. Cover art by Leighton Hoey. “Let the chords carry you away. Songs with strong guitar prescence that I just love so much.”   Everytime – boypablo June – Natalie Green Ready / Problems – boypablo Chronic Sunshine – Cosmo Pyke A Little While – Yellow Days //// – Covey Based – The Symposium Sunflower – Rex Orange Country Your Sweet Touch – Bahamas June 29th – Kevin Abstract Peach Pit – Peach Pit Relax – Vacations More Than Meets the Eye – Kid Bloom May 1st – Beach Fossils Best Friend – Rex Orange Country Mind Fields – No Vacation Stuck – Day Wave Social Sites – Cosmo Pyke Baby Blue – King Krule Wilson State Park – Elijah CLICK TO LISTEN      

Abby Strangward – Co-Creator & Culture Editor

  Abby Strangward –  Co-Creator & Culture Editor Instagram – YouTube – Spotify – Portfolio Creator and writer for Pure Nowhere, she’s 15, from the south coast of Australia. Would be a complete mess without the rest of the team, and is kind of a complete mess anyway. She eats too many mangos, feels at home by the ocean, and is pursuing her passions in nearly all art forms. LOVES: yoga, surfing, reading, film-making, speaking french, rain, thai food, print and flowy pants.      

Kyla Rain – Co-Creator and Music Editor

  Kyla Rain – Co-Creator and Music Editor Instagram  [pretty much single-handedly responsible for keeping Abby sane] A 17 year old music junkie from San Diego, California. She runs an online music magazine, Pure Nowhere, which covers musicians, artists, and photographers from all over the world. Where you can find her: dancing her heart out at a local show, eating an absurd amount of pasta, or blasting The Kinks at a damaging volume (probably sitting on a roof somewhere thinking about the future).    

Isobel – Web Illustrator

  Isobel – Web Illustrator Instagram – Blog Shoutout to Iz for putting up with my long and very confusing instagram messages detailing new illustration ideas for non-existant posts. Literally any sketch in any post is by her, and she pulls everything together on the site. 17, from Dorset, England, finding inspiration in the beautiful things that surround her. Drawing is her form of escapism, a way of hiding from the business of life. She draws all sorts of things – from plants and people to cosy spaces and moons. She draws to create her own little world of freedom and peace.      

Furqan – Contributor

  Furqan – Contributor Instagram 16 year old Canadian who happens to be a fan of late night political satire and spicy food. She believes, when used efficiently, anger can lead to art and beautiful word play. Breaking down giants in today’s politics is her specialty, and within the occasional rant or composed essay, she shares her outlook and aims to engage young people like her.    

Emily Blake – Journalist

  Emily Blake – Journalist Instagram – Blog – The Wednesday Zine 17, from Phoenix, Arizona, she’s the founder of the Wednesday Zine and Art Collective, member of the Phoenix Art Museum Teen Art Council, and is involved in Planned Parenthood. As a writer, she focuses on the intersection between art and activism, the ability to empower your voice using art, underrepresented ideas and experiences, and analysis of how media impacts our lives.    

Isabel – Mixtape Curator

  Isabel – Mixtape Curator Instagram Sixteen, and living in Charlotte, North Carolina. She’s Puerto Rican, loves photography (especially film), collages, and is a concert fanatic!    

Emma – Mixtape Curator

  Emma – Mixtape Curator Instagram 15, from Boston. Generally found eating dates, hummus, and lots of coffee, with earbuds in. She believes the key to someone’s soul is the music they listen to, she’s in love with how trees look right after it snows, and her favorite activity is jumping, feet first, into the Atlantic Ocean    

heard this song last night…

  By our journalist, Kyla. Cover art by Lex. “HEARD THIS SONG LAST NIGHT. MADE ME THINK OF U.” A SPECIAL FEATURE OF 70+ SONGS FROM KYLA RAIN click to discover   Follow us on Spotify // Follow KYLA on Spotify    

Cold Showers Are Better

  By our curator, Emma. Cover art by Abby. a mood for either of the following: 1. a ice shower to wake up at 11:45am sunday morning. 2. drinking an ice cold mason jar of water after school watching the sky turn pink. featuring: whale watch. local band. scatterbrained mish mash of songs always on queue this month.   Dearly Departed – Shakey Graves, Esme Patterson Empty – Kevin Abstract Yeoman – Baths See You Again – Tyler the Creator Loving is Easy – Rex Orange Country SUMMER – BROCKHAMPTON Some Other Band – Whale Watch On & On – Erykah Badu Wait a Minute! – Willow Janet – Berhana Best Part – H.E.R., Daniel Caesar Glitter – Tyler, the Creator We Find Love – Daniel Caesar Dippy Bop – Noname, Cam O’bi Easily – Bruno Major Spice Girl – Amine Blind Man – Xavier Omar Homemade Dynamite – REMIX – Lorde, Khalid, Post Malone Boredom – Tyler, the Creator   CLICK TO LISTEN    


  By our curator, Isabel. Cover art by Abigail Berger. “trippy, psychedelic tunes that will transport you through time and space”   Sweet Dreams – BORNS The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala Hallucinating – Elohim Cigarettes out the Window – TV Girl Feel it All Around – Washed Out Blackberries – Emily Blue Via Veneto – Phoenix When I Get Home – Post Animal waves – Tame Impala Remix – Miguel, Tame Impala Chamber of Reflection – Mac DeMarco Space Song – Beach House Windowpane – Mild High Club Feels Like We Only Go Backwards – Tame Impala Electric Feel – MGMT Stranger Things Theme – Luke Million Dreams – Billy Otto Paint Me Silver – Pond Shalala – Moses Gunn Collective Sweep Me Off My Feet – Pond It Just Comes and Goes – Old Man Canyon Giving In – Club Kuru Pseudologia Fantastica – Foster The People   CLICK TO LISTEN  

WATCH: Listen Now, Misty Dawn

  Finally, you can stream the full mind-bending 44 minutes of Kai Neville’s new film, Listen Now, Misty Dawn, starring Dion Agius, Creed McTaggart, Jack Freestone, Mitch Coleborn, Nate Tyler, Brendon Gibbens, Chippa Wilson, Taj Burrow & Shaun Manners. After a long run of film premieres across multiple continents… shorts, trailers and email trades, the full thing is here. Free for watching & downloading, no sign-ups, spam or bullshit. And yeah, it was worth the wait. A ‘conceptual portrait’ chasing the EPØKHE surf team, it ‘blends parts & location based jaunts’ across Australia & Indonesia. Director Kai Neville describes it as a kind of accidental snowball effect; “…all these things started happening, and it grew out of nowhere into a bit of a beast, unintentionally. Our hard drive just got bigger, it went from one terabyte to six in no time.” Pulling footage from all over, it was a no-budget, full-team effort. “This was pretty much taking it back to basics. Working with friends and pooling together to make something everyone’s psyched on. To see those guys pumped to …

WATCH: No Love For Fuckboys

  No Love For Fuckboys explores the layers of sexual assault, and the repercussions afterwards. Director Ricardo Bouyett created the film as a form of response and recovery from his own sexual assault experience. “The project became about discussing a sexual assault survivor’s perspective on love and dating. Sexual assault survivor stories are often diluted to just the drama of the rape and the initial shock; I wanted to make a story that’s about the survivor’s point of view after. How does one’s perspective of life shift when trauma strikes? Does it even shift or does it get heightened?” In his Director Notes, Bouyett explains his complete belief as a child that he would never find love, and how his rape cemented his belief that he wasn’t deserving. He explores the last few years after his sexual assault; looking for love in empty promises, and using the idea of sex as a form of power and control. “I tried fucking my way out of my pain by using other men.” Seperated into seven chapters, and set to spoken …

WATCH: Unglued Vacation

  Unglued Vacation is the brainchild of Olivia Williams, 17 year old surf videographer and founder of Rare Visuals. We asked her about the story behind the film: “Well, firstly, my mom questioned whether “Unglued” was even a word, and I honestly have no idea, but it suited the movie. A bunch of us traveled to Christchurch, and we had a few days to free surf and meet up with legends like Cam Haylock, Minnie Robberds and Ambrose Mcneil. I was always planning to make a movie from the footage I took, but I ended up having too much of a blast over there, and really didn’t get out and shoot much at all. Luckily, Kieran Harris from OuterPathFilms called me up and sent through some footage he wasn’t using, The editing was on and off over a long period of time … I didn’t really know what outcome I was going for, but I guess it worked!” The Official Selection of the 2017 Noosa Surf Film Festival, Unglued Vacation is exactly what it sounds like – …

WATCH: Slapper

  Gritty, sexual, and seeped in a raw social realism, Slapper is a gut-punch of a film. Released online a few weeks ago after a slew of festival appearances (including Sundance, Melbourne International, Sydney, and various International appearances), it’s left audiences thrilled, disgusted, and shocked. Director Luci Schroder commited over 4 years of her life to the project, even living in the rural Australian suburban area Slapper was shot. The casting process was long, and she ended up taking to the streets. “A few people were even found in a KFC and in the Morewell mall.” Whilst some people find the film intensely over-the-top, Schroder says it isn’t a patch on the real things that are going on in parts of rural Australia. “I want to tell stories that speak to the hardship of human life,” she says, explaining what drew her to the project. “I enjoy working with people whose stories and messages are vital and important for survival.” An undercurrent of black humour, viscerally charged cinematography and a stunning performance from Saphire Blossom give Slapper a powerful, raw …

WATCH: Come Swim

  Kristen Stewarts directorial debut is exquisitely unnerving. Inviting viewers on an artistic, highly imagined and confronting journey through a mans imagination, it strives to depict anxiety, depression and heartbreak – through water. “I was fixated on  one image for a long time,” Stewart says. “The idea of a man sleeping on the bottom of the ocean, and just being able to do that – really content and isolated and completely away from everything. Which, you know, is actually awful. But it seems really appealing for a minute.” “I kind of expanded on that, and figured that I might be able to externalise a really internal feeling, depicting it solely from a personal perspective.” That’s what Come Swim feels like. Like an internal storm of numb emotions pushed into the real world in raw and shocking ways.    


  By our curator, Emma. Cover art by Alexander Tull. “The music you think of when you look at Levi 501s. Made in America. Salty, worn, and loved. [p.s.] landslide is held close to my heart. with love, em” liStEn HeRE   Angel of Harlem – U2 Listen to the Music – The Doobie Brothers Reelin’ in the Years – Steely Dan Jack & Diane – John Mellencamp Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty Wild World – Yusuf / Cat Stevens Landslide – Fleetwood Mac Do it Again – Steely Dan Ventura Highway – America Summer Breeze – Seals and Crofts Ramblin’ Man – The Allman Brothers Band Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison The Joker – Steve Miller Band Small Town – John Mellencamp Part of Me – Tedeschi Trucks Band American Pie – Don Mclean Take It Easy – Eagles Long Train Running – The Doobie Brothers  Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival Maggie May – Rod Stewart Dreams – Fleetwood Mac    

Groovy, Baby

  By editor-in-chief, Abby. Cover art: probably Abby’s dad. “thinking I just have to accept I’ll never be as cool as I was when I was five, dancing around the living room in a sea-patterned dress, fringe and all. if u want some five-year-old-kid grooviness for yourself, here’s the soundtrack.” liStEn HeRE   God Only Knows – The Beach Boys So Long Marianne – Leonard Cohen Fields of Gold – Eva Cassidy Mrs Robinson – Simon & Garfunkel Wild World – Yusuf / Cat Stevens Fire and Rain – James Taylor The Boxer – Simon & Garfunkel Landslide – Fleetwood Mac California Dreamin’ – The Mamas & The Papas Summer Breeze – Seals and Crofts Wade in the Water – Eva Cassidy Cecilia – Simon & Garfunkel Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison A Horse With No Name – America Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival Father and Son – Yusuf / Cat Stevens Dreams – Fleetwood Mac The Sound of Silence – Simon & Garfunkel Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater    

Illegal Civilization – Summer of ’17

  “For many young people, summer in the suburbs is its own little universe. During this precious chunk of time off from school, adults are often out of sight, even further out of mind, and friends become the most important people on the planet. As you skate, swim, or chill through the days, there’s the opportunity of getting to know your pals — and yourself — better than ever. That’s the journey Summer ’17, a new short film by Illegal Civilization and The FADER, captures. Shot on location in North Hollywood and Burbank, California, Summer ’17 follows Jeffery, played by Ryder McLaughlin, as he tries to win over a summer crush. Produced by Malcolm Washington, directed by Illegal Civ’s Mikey Alfred, and shot by Ayinde Anderson, the film had a lot of young, black creatives who worked behind the lens to bring this film to life. Featuring cameos from Civ friends like Tyler, the Creator, and Aminé, every scene takes place across the IRL teen hangouts of Alfred’s youth. It’s the skate brand and film …

Groovy Kasio

  By Isabel. Cover Art via @spiderbrain. Yep – we’re getting groovy again, and this time to the backing of electric keyboards. liStEn HeRE   Screenplay – Ralph, The Darcys Paris Latino – Bondolero Secret (Love Song) – Wet Baes Window – Kid Bloom Sofia Coppola – Eyedress She Only Stays on the Weekends – Kid Bloom ILY – Rogyr You Don’t Care – Zack Villere Loving is Easy – Rex Orange Country Cool With You – Her’s BLEACH – BROCKHAMPTON Flaming Hot Cheetos – Clairo Sounds Fake but Ok – Camino 84, Sidney Gish Night Moves – Roosevelt Cool – Zack Villere Second Night of Summer – BORNS Bedroom – Litany  

Love Letters

  By our curator, Emma. Cover art by Josh Kern. to him, to her, to them, to yourself. scribbled on gas station napkins, stuffed in gloveboxes, stored in your dresser drawer. xoxo em liStEn HeRE   Beautiful – Bazzi Frozen – Sabrina Claudio Best Part – H.E.R., Daniel Caesar Honey – Kehlani Easily – Bruno Major Mine – Bazzi Losin Control – Russ Easy – Mac Ayres Blind Man – Xavier Omar The Wall – anders Satvia – Jhene Aiko Pineapple Skies – Miguel Keep Ya Head Up – Jhene Aiko For You – SoMo Self Control – Frank Ocean Ain’t Nobody Taking My Baby – Russ Die For You – The Weeknd Black Lingerie – Quincy If You Let Me – Sinead Harnett, GRADES Every Kind of Way – H.E.R    

my story. claire michelle.

  Listening to Claire talk is pure magic for the soul. Through these several hour-long videos, we watch and listen as Claire first visits Hawaii, and her documentation from thereon of her reawakening of self and transformation. I know a lot of people who absolutely hate Claire, and a lot of people who adore her. Regardless, I find her to be constantly inspiring, and cemementing my faith in literal humanity. I suggest you save them for the rainiest days, when you need the most hope and encouragement. In my mind, this is the first instalment of a shift in Claire’s videos. Hawaii was filmed and uploaded by her about a year ago, right around the time I came across her, and it documents her first trip to Hawaii, and reawakening of self. To be Free encapsulates Claire’s last weeks in LA, the creation of a new piece of work, and the further events leading her to escape LA and return to Hawaii. Ascend details Claire finally taking leave of LA – and the before and after of this decision. My …

Beach Sunset

  By our curator, Isabel. Cover art by Alexander Tull. Calming electric beats to accompany the crashing waves of the beach and the vibrant colors of the sunset sky. liStEn HeRE   I Don’t Know You – The Marias Doube L – Club Kuru Everybody’s Someone in LA – nite swim Dreams – Joakim Karud Electric U – Kid Bloom Smoothie – Winona Forever Brown Steel – Choker Sleep Apnea – Beach Fossils Sweet Marie – The Walters Rare Hearts – The Growlers My Jinji – Sunset Rollercoaster Birds Don’t Sing – TV Girl Joan Ellen – Ivory Waves Vanilla fraise – L’Imperatrice Techno Show – Peach Pit Lavendar Kiss – The Licks Through and Through – khai dreams Driving to Hawaii – Summer Salt Intro (Santa Barbara) – Box Dreams Untitled – Rex Orange Country After The Storm (feat. Tyler, The Creator) – Kali Uchis, Tyler The Creator  

17 for 17

  Playlist by Ella Jones, Image by Brook Mckeon. I love making playlists. When they’re playing they can create a certain mood in the room depending on the playlist. They can make your mood better instantly, just from hearing the first song that reminds you of better times. I made this playlist for the purpose of putting me in a mood to motivate me to get work done (or fail to, as I keep dancing to the raging bass that flows through a few of the songs on my list.) I named the playlist “17 for 17” because I’m 17 and here are 17 songs that I love right now. Pretty self-explanatory.  listen here   1) [TOKYO by BROCKHAMPTON] I feel like I had to begin with the rap collective that honestly made 2017 fantastic. 3 albums in the space of 12 months, with every single song being pure genius. I have absolutely no idea how I came across Brockhampton, most likely on YouTube. Tokyo has an acapella feel to it throughout the introduction then it breaks …

Pearl (& Film)

  Moments of my friends and beauty in 2016! Some fun concerts and good people, all on 35mm. Hope you enjoy! – Natasha Steward  listen here    

Are You A Hippie Too?

  Playlist by Angelina Myers // Passage by Kyla Wyllie (Photo via Tumblr) WARINING: This playlist is only for the psychedelic & free-spirited. You may not have been able to witness the magic that was Woodstock, but let these songs transport you in spirit. Release your inner flowerchild with tracks including the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, and Pink Floyd. Packed full of groovy guitar solos and far out lyrics, you’ll wish you were a born about fifty years earlier. As Robert Plant once said, “How can you consider flower power outdated? The essence of my lyrics is the desire for peace and harmony. That’s all anyone has ever wanted. How could it become outdated?” listen here   Sugar Magnolia – Grateful Dead Jessica (Unedited version) – The Allman Brothers Band San Tropez – Pink Floyd Penny Lane – The Beatles Water of Love – Dire Straits Valleys of Neptune – Jimi Hendrix The Rain Song – Led Zeppelin Sugaree – Phosphorescent, Jenny Lewis Bold as Love – Jimi Hendrix Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds – The Beatles Into the Mystic – Van Morrison April Come …

Lawn Season

  picture this: badminton. homemade limeade. saturday. mixtape by emma. cover art by katelyn kibler. LisTeN heRe Catch & Release, Deepend Remix – Matt Simons, Falco Van Den Aker Saturday Sun – Vance Joy Elephant Gun – Beirut In a Drawer – Band of Horses Who You Are – SPINN Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Chateau – Angus & Julia Stone Simple As This – Jake Bugg L.I.F.E G.O.E.S O.N – Noah and the Whale First Day of my Life – Bright Eyes The Wrote & The Writ – Johnny Flynn Big Black Car – Gregory Alan Isakov In The Aeroplane Over The Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show Sea of Love – Cat Power The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Bob Dylan These Days – Nico Sodom, South Georgia – Iron & Wine  

You Are My High

  “electronic, dreamy and psychadelics sounds to listen during your chill moments, or ends of parties. Let yourself get carried away by the rythm and smooth voices.” by @em.bns. cover art by dali. LisTeN heRe Places – Shlohmo Iceland – Petit Biscuit Fais Rien (Petit Biscuit remix) – Fabrique (Club Remixes) Palms – Petit Biscuit Bloomin‘ – The Cool Kids Lying has to Stop – Soft Hair Affection – Jinsang Seriously – Shlohmo You Are My High – Demon Shelter – Superpoze Sunday Vibes – Masego, Medasin Guava – Tunnelvisions Paris (feat. Jordo) – Nakala, Jordo charlie – bsd.u    

Songs for Unrequited Love

  “songs for unrequited love – aka, nothing serious” by @downbessie. cover art by Josh Kern. LisTeN heRe Bloom – The Paper Kites To Be Alone With You – Sujfan Stevens 1950 – King Princess All The Time – Bahamas Let it be Just for Fun – Korey Dane I Love You So – The Walters Sacharinne – Atta Boy Goodbye Baby – The Walters Tenenbaum – The Paper Kites Tears in the Typing Pool – Broadcast My Hearts Not In It – Yo La Tengo I Don’t Love You Anymore – The Honeysticks – repeat –    

Can’t Nobody Else Love You

  Can’t Nobody Else Love You is a short film presented by Dazed Digital. Directed by Ivan Olita, the film is an exploration of our perceptions of New York City, and the truths of the lives of six artists living there. Olita explores the difficulties faced by the young artists, and the concept that though they feel they are surrounded by like-minded people – the reason they came to New York – depression, access to drugs, and social media find them more lonely than ever, and not excelling like they thought they would. In an interview with Dazed, Olita said: “It was no longer about romanticizing a way of life; it became more about reporting the reality of their lives and trying to do it in the most romantic way. So when I think about the piece, I think about something real – raw – as its protagonists would say. It’s not comforting to watch, and it should not feel that way. New York is obviously the (un)spoken protagonist of the piece. It is where these kids find …

I think I like you

  “maybe? i might? these songs encapsulate the feeling of questioning a crush. k bye.” by Isabel, cover art by Reo Palmer LisTeN heRe Next 2 U – Feyde Can I Call You Tonight? – Dayglow Chinatown – Harry Teardrop Sweet Sundae – Temporex Ugotme – Omar Apollo Fallingforyou – The 1975 You Say I’m In Love – Banes World WASTE – BROCKHAMPTON Your Teeth In My Neck – Kali Uchis Lost in Japan – Shawn Mendes LAY U DOWN//SEXY – Baro You’re Too Cool For Me – Matt Champion Homage – Mild High Club Next – Zack Villere Nice Boys – Temporex Losing You – boy pablo Thunder – Roy Blair Fangs – Matt Champion Japanese Denim – Daniel Caesar Flight 22 – Kali Uchis SUMMER – BROCKHAMPTON Sorry, I Like You – Burbank JESUS – BROCKHAMPTON II. Shadows – Childish Gambino – repeat –

i-D’s Summer of Love (4-Part)

  In 2017, i-D put together a 4-part series entitled Summer of Love. Each chapter focuses on a new love story, and particularly how it interacts with the city it’s set in. From Paris, to London to Barcelona, through whispered interviews and vivid, intimate footage, i-D opens the door to exploring modern love in the most candid, visually beautiful way possible. For the first episode, i-D follows three friends who met in London’s gay club scene, exploring how queer clubbing formed and deepened their relationships. Safe places where people go to be who they are are integral aspects of a city’s nightlife, and these friends show us how love is flourishing in the London LGBTQ+ community. For the second episode, i-D heads to Paris, following a first love story between young model & actor Lukas Ionesco, and model Angele Metzger.  Lukas and Angele roam the Parisian streets, sharing their perspectives on modern romance, exploring gender and femininity and demonstrating how punk and love go hand in hand. From i-D: “Tia and Nadine are in love. From a shared …

American Boyfriend

  playlist by Kyla cover art by Larson Rogers (for print issue) “…” a 90 song, 5 h 13 minute playlist. featuring Twin Peaks, HUNNY, Slow Hollows, Kevin Abstract, Temporex, Mild High Club, boy pablo, The Frights, Mild High Club, Triathlon, and more LisTeN heRe      

Midnight Ramblers

  “Meet the groupies of the golden age. Midnight Ramblers reimagines the dreamy lives of the muses, style icons and artists that inspired the rock stars of days gone by. Follow the NYC groupies rambling through the streets in a glittery haze of platforms, feather boas, bellbottoms and band tees, chasing the music that sets them free. We’re here to uncover the true meaning of “groupie” and redeem the notorious G-word.” “Groupies have played a pivotal role shaping the industry, as fashion icons, musical muses and love interests. Pamela Des Barres founded the groupie band, the GTOs, which was produced by Frank Zappa. The Rolling Stones wrote “Ruby Tuesday” about a groupie Keith Richards once knew, and David Bowie hired Cherry Vanilla, self-proclaimed groupie, as his super publicist. They’ve inspired dozens of songs and broke, even more, hearts, and Midnight Rambler is re-imagining the stories of the groupies behind the feather boas and swathes of suede.” – Dazed    

Forgiving Pipeline

  Hawaiian photographer Amber Mozo lost her father, Jon Mozo, to Oahu’s infamous Banzai Pipeline in 2005. Thirteen years later, she faces the wave that took his life. From RedBull.com: Amber Mozo is a 22-year-old photographer born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu. As the daughter of legendary surf photographer Jon Mozo, a former fixture in the lineups along the famed North Shore, Amber was raised with a love for both the ocean and photography. Jon risked life and limb daily in pursuit of photographic magic — images of electric blue waves exploding with herculean force onto shallow reefs, intrepid surfers standing strong at this nexus of natural chaos. As any dedicated water photographer can attest, chasing images that put viewers right in the belly of the beast of the North Shore’s most dangerous waves means putting yourself in some of the most risky positions imaginable, submitting to the power of the ocean. On February 9, 2005, Jon suffered a head injury while photographing Backdoor — an injury that would claim his life. He was …