The Team



Abby Strangward  Editor-in-chief
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15, from the south coast of Australia. She eats too many mangos, feels at home by the ocean, and is pursuing her passions in nearly all art forms. LOVES: yoga, surfing, reading, film-making, speaking french, rain, thai food, print and flowy pants.



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Isobel  Web Illustrator
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17, from Dorset, England, finding inspiration in the beautiful things that surround her. Drawing is her form of escapism, a way of hiding from the business of life. She draws all sorts of things – from plants and people to cosy spaces and moons. She draws to create her own little world of freedom and peace.





Mallory Shaw  Email Writer

A 21 year old from a small town in Louisiana, who can always be found dressed in neutrals with a cup of earl grey in her hand, craving yellow curry. Words are her oxygen; she’s constantly reading or scribbling away in her journal, trying her best to find the words that will make an impact.





Darcy Campbell – Journalist

17, from rural Australia, she’s never without a smile, cup of coffee and glitter in her hair. Her love for journalism and dislike for politics/hypocrites characterise her as one of the most outspoken young woman you could ever meet. Never shying away from writing about the big stuff, she believes above all else in love transforming and uniting communities.




Furqan – Journalist

16 year old Canadian who happens to be a fan of late night political satire and spicy food. She believes, when used efficiently, anger can lead to art and beautiful word play. Breaking down giants in today’s politics is her specialty, and within the occasional rant or composed essay, she shares her outlook and aims to engage young people like her.




Kyla Rain – Journalist

16, from San Diego, California. Music is her passion, enveloping every aspect of her life. She believes the best clothes are thrifted and the only way to live is in a house eaten from the inside out with plants. She’s happiest in the rain (ironically) or at a local concert dancing until she can’t breathe with the bass pounding up her feet and into her stomach.




Emily Blake – Journalist
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17, from Phoenix, Arizona, she’s the founder of the Wednesday Zine and Art Collective, member of the Phoenix Art Museum Teen Art Council, and is involved in Planned Parenthood. As a writer, she focuses on the intersection between art and activism, the ability to empower your voice using art, underrepresented ideas and experiences, and analysis of how media impacts our lives.





Isabel – Mixtape Curator

Sixteen, and living in Charlotte, North Carolina. She’s Puerto Rican, loves photography (especially film), collages, and is a concert fanatic!



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Emma – Mixtape Curator

15, from Boston. Generally found eating dates, hummus, and lots of coffee, with earbuds in. She believes the key to someone’s soul is the music they listen to, she’s in love with how trees look right after it snows, and her favorite activity is jumping, feet first, into the Atlantic Ocean







19 and living in NYC, she shoots in digital and 35mm b&w film, developing, processing and printing all of her own work.

Anne De Groot

A painter from Amsterdam, she describes her work as vivid and aesthetically liable images, with central themes of mental vulnerability and transience.

Steph Duncan

Born in Scotland, she moved to Australia when she was 11. Now 16 and based in Perth, Australia, she mainly focuses on portraiture and making short films.

Bella Haman

15, from the Sunshine Coast of QLD. Part time wedding photographer, full time daydreamer.  She’s in love with all things water related; beaches, waterfalls, rivers… and bathtubs.

Amy Kennett

Living the life of a young twenty-something creative in Sydney, she loves to write, and always has an endless collection of film waiting to be developed. She fills her soul with salt water.