Blood noses, wipe outs, orange-stained feet, wetsuit rash, ankles wrapped in thread,  unidentified bruises, frizzy braids, socks and sandals, boysenberry ice-cream, hopped fences, skinned knees, books shoved under beds, chapped lips, tea-tree oil, made-up poems on the back of hands and water-spotted journals.

We’re a sprawling mess of australian and international creatives, pursuing some kind of freedom. Sea Foaming is currently entirely run, curated and edited by female-identifying teens, and we hope we bring you a collaborative platform and publication to explore youth culture.

More than anything, Sea Foaming isn’t a romanticized collection of teens enjoying the ‘best years of their lives’. Rather, we focus on the concept that youth is often overhyped, and growing up can be really, really hard and lonely. We’re about teens making art, getting educated, feeding their soul, grabbing a skateboard and – city, town or suburbia – feeling free.

You’ll find us at local gigs, out the back of your nearest surf beach, city protests and the nearest light-filled library. We’re for raw and messy and accidental. Content that makes you feel something, whatever that is. Dive into yourself.

Short Films every day. Mixtapes every
two weeks. New Posts every two days. 

“We want to take absolutely no shit. We want to pair pearls with tattered $5 t-shirts and killer heels that could stomp the lights from your eyes. You’ll see us at festivals and grocery stores dressed exactly the same, and both times you’ll glance back as we pass. We want to be loud. We want to take up space. We’ll over-dress for a coffee date and turn up at parties in cotton pyjama bottoms. We want to sneak out to surf beneath the full moon knowing you won’t be able to wake us up until 2pm the next day. We’re over-confident, over-passionate, over-excited. We’ll frustrate you constantly, piss you off, make you laugh until it hurts, challenge every thought you’ve ever had, crush expectations, question rules, and probably double your wardrobe with $50 in a thrift store. We want to wipe out, hop fences, skin our knees and leave our shoes behind. Books shoved under beds, made-up poems on the back of hands, water-spotted journals tucked under arms, lips chapped and skin that smells like tea-tree. That is Sea Foaming.”



Sea Foaming has officially partnered with Pure Nowhere, a music/art/culture publication based out of San Diego, CA. Pure Nowhere X Sea Foaming is an off-beat, constantly evolving collaboration between two teenage girls, determined to combine their platforms and basically change the fucking world of youth media.

Let’s start a revolution.



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