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‘Thanks For Coming’ – Joywave in Rhode Island

Joywave – Ocean Mist Rhode Island

Rochester’s favorite band, Joywave, took the stage in Rhode Island as they close the ‘Thanks. Thanks For Coming 2018’ tour with special guests, The Demo’s and Grandson.
The venue was extremely small and intimate, and being right on the ocean made the perfect setting for a summer concert. After dropping the record ‘Content’ last summer, the band has been showing off the catchy new tracks for the past year.

Daniel Armbruster (lead singer), Paul Brenner (drums), Benjamin Bailey (keyboard), and Joseph Morinelli (guitarist) bring the utmost energy to each and every single live show.

Daniel points ‘Swish’ to me as they transition into my favorite song ‘Life In A Bubble I Blew’. The hidden track appears on the 2016 album, ‘Swish’, where the song ‘Destruction’ is looped 9 times. Surprisingly, the band did not play their hit, ‘Destruction’, multiple times in a row at this show. However, they played many other fan favorites like, ‘It’s A Trip!’, ‘Tongues’, and ‘Somebody New’.

One song that particularly stood out to me was ‘Doubt’, being one of their most powerful, best produced and well written song ever. No one could stand still throughout the set, as electronic synths shook and vibrated the venue. The band effortlessly turned the overheated and dehydrated crowd into a dance party for the night.


Catch Joywave in a city near you as they tour with Sir Sly this fall.

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