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Staff Playlist, July ’18

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and so has the month of July. But all is not lost, as it time for the monthly Staff Playlist! This wide variation of music collated into 14 songs means there is something for everyone. Including plenty of Bowie, Shindigs, BROCKHAMPTON and Aretha Franklin – it is the perfect playlist to enjoy some classics or discover a new tune!



@gaiahannah – Peach Blossom Boogy by The Babe Rainbow
Hannah’s Thoughts: “All I have wanted to do recently is hit the road. This song really illustrates the feeling of driving down the coast, and reminds me of Big Sur. I miss it madly and I feel like I’m there whenever I listen to Peach Blossom Boogy. And how could you not like the song when it has such a groovy name??”

@r0seg0etsch – Life On Mars? By David Bowie (covered by Seu Jorge)
Rose’s Thoughts: “Nearly the whole soundtrack for one of my favourite movies, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, is Seu Jorge covering David Bowie songs, but in Portuguese! Although no one comes close to Bowie, it is interesting to hear his songs in another language, and with Jorje’s soothing voice, it’s all I’ve been listening to.”

@poladrize – Penny Lane by The Beatles
Ardi’s Thoughts: “This song is a classic. It got stuck in my head during a trip on the French Riviera, and I had no way to listen to it until I got home. I think it was a good thing though. It makes me want to skip and twirl and sing the lyrics at the top of my lungs and give flowers to elderly couples on the street. It makes me cheesily- very cheesily- happy.”

@sarahcshi – Charcoal Baby by Blood Orange
Sarah’s Thoughts: “It’s a shimmery song marking the return of Dev Hynes, with his upcoming album Negro Swan. Hynes’ classic synths and heavy bass line shine through for a summery and funky single.”

@liana.simonelli – Shuggie by Foxygen
Liana’s Thoughts: “This song has been a favourite for a while, but I rediscovered it this month and it’s been continuously playing. There is something undeniably intriguing about this song, I always find myself entirely immersed, to where my heart noticeably changes beat to match. There’s a certain familiarity involved, a feeling that is unique to a song that you know all the words to. Simultaneously, however, Shuggie has never sounded overplayed for me. This song encompasses every spontaneous midnight beach conversation, sunset in the water, and drive from who-knows-where that this summer has held for me. I find myself playing it over, because I am always in the mood to listen.

@alana.leia– Moonage Daydream by David Bowie
Alana’s Thoughts: “I’ve been going through the biggest Bowie phase and now realised The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust is probably the best album of all time. This month I also got my drivers license and my first time driving alone I did a PCH cruise while listening to this song. It’s beautiful.”

@holdooonnn – 1998 TRUMAN by BROCKHAMPTON
Holdon’s Thoughts: “UM, Independent rap/hip-hop boy band? Yes please! they have released three great songs this month but this one is my favourite. It’s energising!”

@emily_brower– Marica by Daleka Obala
Emily’s Thoughts: “I have been trying to learn songs in different languages for a while now and came across the Croatian band, Daleka Obala. I really like the beat of ‘Marica’ and after a few listens it gets easier to get a hang of the lyrics.”

@m.arymay– I Need A Woman by Hockey Dad
Mary’s Thoughts: “With apparent surf rock based influences, this song is definitely a summer staple. Personally, it’s saturated with memories of driving with the top down with a car full of my best friends. It’s one of my favourites by this lovely band and I have yet to tire from it.”

@sriosly– Parade To Hanabi by Shindigs
Hector’s Thoughts: “Shindigs is a local San Diego indie pop band, immersed by what seems like endless summer salts and easy floral pedals falling on a hazy cliff side by the ocean. As crazy at that last sentence may seem, that’s what I interpreted from the band’s sound. With every album cover covered in foliage and warm pastel palettes, Shindigs delivers a melancholic romance within its compositions. Each track they have up on their band-camp guarantees a fresh take of indie sweetness, having released six albums in the last 4 years. With summer falling to a close, I resonated with their song ‘Parade To Hanabi’ from their sophomore album, Tamayuras. This track transported me into an easy sinking of what I envisioned as a fun and joyous immersion of a colorful floral field somewhere in Korea. The composition in this track is dreamy and simple. From the playful synth licks, to the lush or reverb guitars, ‘Parade To Hanabi’ is the closing track that defined an appropriate end to my summer. I’d recommend listening to this track while walking next to a local garden and maybe on your way to a picnic”

@evamariaburns– The Gold by Manchester Orchestra (Phoebe Bridgers Version)
Eva’s Thoughts: “In the fall of my senior year of high school, I went to a small venue in downtown Seattle to see Manchester Orchestra play. They started their set with their newly released song, The Gold. The minute they started playing the opening riff, I was flooded with so many emotions; all so positive and bright. Now a year later, while that song is still something special to me, Phoebe Bridgers’ newest version is truly stunning. Phoebe has shortly become one of my favourite song writers. Her rendition of this song truly captures the dark and dreary story that Manchester Orchestra was telling.”

@eightlinegut– I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts by X
Lourd’s Thoughts: “All of July I had this song playing no matter what I was doing. With it’s poetic lyrics being socially relevant then & even now, it’s definitely an old one I can NEVER get enough of. Always been a favourite listen of mine and I sure know I’m not alone on that!”

@kyla.rain– One Step Ahead by Aretha Franklin
Kyla’s Thoughts: “This song reminds me of childhood, of my mother making Indian food, soaked in salt water from a day in the ocean. It reminds me of being seven years old and learning how to play guitar out on the curb from a vagabond we had picked up earlier that day. It just makes me feel wholeheartedly nostalgic, and that’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world.”

@elzyella– Polaroids by Jay Prince
Ella’s Thoughts: “I heard this song in the background of a YouTube video for the first time whilst I was in New York. I love when you heard a snippet of a song and you just know that you are going to love it. That is where I find the music I really, truly love. I had not heard of Jay Prince until this point, I feel like this just shows how new media is shown to us everyday, and ignoring the usual negative impact of this, the media can be used to discover things we love and enjoy!”

What was your favourite song of July? Which of these songs do you love the most?

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