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A New Era for The Aquadolls

Attention all Aquadolls fans: the wait is over.


Two new singles have been released, and an announcement that an album will soon follow! At a Regrettes show I recently attended, Melissa Brooks was in the crowd and I got the chance to ask her about how she felt to finally put out some new music. (Hint: she was utterly ecstatic).

Back and better than ever, our very own space princess has given us some key songs of the summer, Bleach and Runaway (The Jam).

Upon listening, I couldn’t’ help but notice that the energy in these songs are quite contrasting to the former sound of The Aquadolls. It’s no secret the new tracks lack that surf-punk vibe which is so prevalent on “Stoked On You,” and we were curious as to what she has in store for the next album. According to Melissa, there will be not only a grungy, “Hole, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, noise-rock” sound, similar to Runaway, but also an electric sound, something like, “a bloody My Chemical Romance anthem, but the blood is soaked in glitter and tears.”

That description alone was enough to sell me on this new image for Melissa and the band as a whole. I really feel like this is the beginning of a new era, a new chapter for this already prevalent SoCal staple.

Melissa was also able to explain, in depth, the meaning behind these kickass new songs.

The former guitarist of The Aquadolls was also her longtime boyfriend, but the two broke up during their 2016 tour. Bleach is about him, and explains how, “the breakup was really painful for [her] and while traveling on tour amidst the drama, [she] had nowhere else to vent [except on her] notebook paper.” Two years later, we are finally able to hear this vent, which she transformed into something raw and relatable we can listen to and share.

Runaway is about the difficulties that come with crushing on someone, especially when you are already struggling with your own self-love issues. It’s about, “having a crush on someone and struggling to express it because the fear of fucking it all up before anything happens” (which I think is something we’ve all battled with before).

It’s been confirmed that the now former bassist of the band, Bella, has left to pursue her own music (which we cannot wait to hear). This does however raise some questions as to who the new members might be, now that Melissa is the last Aquadoll standing. We’re not worried though, this girl is a staple for girl power, and will stop at nothing to achieve her passions.

Although she is still working out who will replace the three missing members, she has two upcoming shows alongside Dog Party on July 25th at The Locker Room in Garden Grove, and July 26th at A Very Rare Shop in Los Angeles.

Melissa also had some final words of wisdom for anyone reading, and advises you all to, “Fuck anyone who ever tells you that you’re incapable of doing something. Everyone reading this has a bright light of energy inside the, and there own way of shining it, but make sure it’s positive for your mental health and well-being! Follow your heart, blah blah blah.”

Both these new songs appropriately represent Melissa’s growth since her last release, and I think I speak for everyone when I say how truly excited we are for this new chapter of The Aquadolls. You go Mel, never lose that “fuck you” attitude we admire so much, you empower girls in the scene everywhere, and I know big things are to come. Thank you for talking with us, and sharing such personal stories in these new tracks. Keep Rocking.

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