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Staff Playlist, June ’18

Cover photo by Justin You

Summer has officially begun, the temperatures are rising and the adventures of the sunny months are happening! Of course the end of June calls for our monthly staff playlist – the variation of Charlie XCX to Sonic Youth and Mahalia, there is something for everyone.

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify here


@gaiahannah – Embryonic Journey by Jefferson Airplane
Hannah’s Thoughts: “This song reminds me of driving through the mountains as the sun is beginning to come up. Some are still asleep and those who are awake, long to be asleep. It’s like looking at the magnificent pink clouds and the tall, deep green trees. I feel so blissful when I hear this song.”

@rseodul8 – 6669 (I don’t know if you know) by Neon Indian
Lourd’s Thoughts: “Whenever I play this track, I sink into my surroundings. Every second of it lingers and I find that it leaves you to think about everything you’ve been feeling or have been left to wonder about. It’s surreal! And I love everything about it!”

@sarahcshi – Focus by Charli XCX
Sarah’s Thoughts: “The song, produced by PC music’s A.G. Cook, is a summer jam with it’s shimmery and bubbly synths. Charlie XCX has promised that “you’re gonna be so fucking sick of me,” but with these singles, it doesn’t look like this will happen anytime soon!”

@liana.simonelliEscargot Blues by Guantanamo Bay Surf Club
Liana’s Thoughts: “This encapsulates this momentary ‘June gloom’ feeling of summer. There is a certain melancholic tone portrayed in the instrumentals that is simply stunning and the lyrics take a subdued stance on sad topics. A feeling of nighttime in this song is what resonates with me, a sense of repetitive freedom, only granted by the later hours of the day, where guards are let down and literal masks are removed. I was in awe the first time I listened (kudos to my friend for introducing me) and continue to be stunned each time it’s replayed”

@r0seg0etsch – Typical by Goodbye Honolulu
Rose’s Thoughts: “I discovered this band when they opened for Hinds after I saw them both at The Observatory. This song has to be my favourite song by them, simply because I remembered it so clearly. It was stuck in my head the rest of the night, even though I had only heard it once. They kind of remind me of The Frights, so if you’re into that sound, I strongly recommend their EP ‘No Honey!'”

@alana.leia– Tunic (Song for Karen) by Sonic Youth
Alana’s Thoughts: “At the beginning of summer I always feel really angsty and love to listen to punk and grunge music. I am so excited to be out of school and let my creativity flow. This song is about a mom, Karen, who doesn’t support her daughter. I feel like all the teachers are Karen, but I’m finally free of them. Here’s to an awesome summer!”

@holdooonnn – Will You Sing by Kamasi Washington
Holdon’s Thoughts: “This album is gonna be the jazz album of the year. I love Kamasi and this is an incredible closing track. It’s seriously amazing!”

@evamariaburns – The Mother by Brandi Carlile
Eva’s Thoughts: “As it is pride month and we are celebrating the LGBT community, I have been listening to many influential musicians who identify as LGBT. One of my favourite artists has been, the Seattle native, Brandi Carlile. Her song, The Mother, has been on repeat this past month. This song truly evokes so many emotions from within me. The lyrics talk about the story of her and her partners first child, their daughter named Evangeline. She speaks of the true joy she felt when having a little girl; how happy she is to be her mother. The experience of her growing up has been a true gift, no one else can give to her.”

@emily_brower– Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks by The National
Emily’s Thoughts: “Since summers started I’ve really been getting back into The National. I love this song and choosing just one for the month is insanely hard because the whole ‘High Violet’ album is a must listen to.”

@sriosly – Real Connection by Part Time
Hector’s Thoughts: “This song has really resonated with me currently. It’s now the start of summer. June is closing sooner than expected, whilst each of it’s nights were abundant of sneak outs and last minute adventures around the city at night. Real Connection is about the want for connection and opportunity. It urges you to give it a chance, to cease the moment, and run to your target to seek the real connection that stands right in front of your face. That’s what it has done for me. After falling back to bed after an eventful night, I’ve played this before going to sleep to help me contemplate the whimsical life I’m experiencing as a teenager on a summer night. I hope this song hits you with that sort of vision or ‘vibe’. It definitely is dreamy and quite astral in its own sound, so it draws to artists like Ariel Pink, John Maus, Beach Fossils, and Wild Nothing, to name a few.”

@kyla.rain– Hard To Handle by The Black Crowes
Kyla’s Thoughts: “It’s been one of my absolute favourite songs since I was little, and has this upbeat swinging rhythm that never ceased to put me in a good mood. The entire last week of school I’d blast that in my headphones whilst walking into class and it always gave me a huge boost of confidence. Definitely brings nostalgic feels, but at the same time, an ‘I can take over the world’ vibe. ”

@sammackey – Boy From School by Hot Chip
Sam’s thoughts: “Although an older song, I heard it recently for the first time. The juxtaposition between the calm melody and the heavy electronic beats makes the song so intriguing to me.”

@samikatherinee – Summer Holiday by Wild Nothing
Sami’s thoughts: “Wild Nothing has been one of my favourite groups for a long time, and this song perfectly encapsulates the summer mood. I was blasting this the other day while driving on my way home from San Diego, just looking at the ocean, and I felt really happy to be in that moment with that soundtrack. This will definitely be a staple on my playlists this summer.”

@elzyella– Sober by Mahalia
Ella’s Thoughts: “I found this song through the YouTube channel ‘Colors’ which shows acoustic versions of songs from a variation of artists. I fell in love with this song as Mahalia’s voice is stunning, she articulates her lyrics in a way that is so unique and I love her for that! I’ve even managed to get tickets to see her in October, I’m so excited!!”

Let us know which songs you love this month or any new music you have found through our playlist!

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