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Middle Kids + Duncan Fellows: 35mm

by Kiara Burch

This past Tuesday, Duncan Fellows and Middle Kids paid Atlanta a visit, bringing with them a vibrant energy that was purely contagious. Though the evening was off to a bit of a slow start, a handful of young fans eager to claim their space lined up at the door, as the night continued more and more people began to trickle in. By the end, the room was filled with fans of all ages basking in the beauty of the moment unfolding before them.

The Fellows kicked off the show with a playful vibe, the set radiating energy and filled with tender moments of sincerity.  Middle Kids soon took the stage, enthralling and enchanting the audience. Hannah Joy’s powerful vocals reverberated and resonated on a deep level, while Tim Fitz’s energy was electric on bass, and Harry Day kept things at a steady pace on drums. The night ended on a cathartic note, and as the lights raised it was almost as if a spell had been broken- the crowd dispersing, drifting our separate ways.








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