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Pull Over

by Hannah Stimson



I always enjoy the scenic route, even if it adds a little more time to wherever I’m going. I’d much rather see a funny billboard, cows, or a unique local joint than exit signs and angry drivers on a busy interstate. However, even though I take the long way, it doesn’t mean I always have the time to stop.

Sometimes I’ll be going down the road, and so many things catch my eye that I want to snap a photo of, but they’re gone in seconds, a tiny blip in the rear-view mirror. Or, even if I do have a couple of extra minutes to spare, I don’t want to bug other passengers by stopping the car every so often to take pictures. Growing tired of these missed opportunities, I decided to make a change, and have started spending my free days driving back over old routes and pulling over to photograph anything that catches my eye. Doing this simple task has given me such an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, almost like I got to hit a “re-do” button, and I cannot wait to keep going back for more.










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