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Video Debut: “Nobody Hangs Out ~ Buddha Trixie

Buddha Trixie, Nobody Hangs Out.
Debuting on Pure Nowhere.
Right here, right now.

A San Diego favorite amongst the DIY scene, Buddha Trixie has yet again assured us of their raw musical and creative talent. With the release of the music video for “Nobody Hangs Out” off their album Stop The Space Age, there’s not a single doubt in my mind that these boys will make it all the way to the top.

This is one of my personal favorites by Buddha Trixie, which makes debuting it even more special. I’ve stood in the crowd who knows how many times, dancing to this song with my best friends. In the moment, I was always thinking how ironic it was, the song being nobody hangs out and here I was, time and time again, surrounded by friends.

Now, none of us hang out anymore, and this track has taken on an entirely new meaning for me, encompassing the overall idea of growth and regrowth we experience constantly through life. Your best friend today might not be your best friend tomorrow. We grow together and pull apart with a never ending rhythm.


The video starts off in black and white, but with the simplicity of an upstroke on the guitar, the colours are now vivid and accompanied by Daniel’s space-esque vocals. “It’s an acid trip weighted with realization and bliss that draws you to reminisce on everything you’ve experienced so far in life; both the good and bad.” Everything about the video is fully encapsulating, taking on a dreamy energy as Andrew, Daniel, Dennis and Kenzo loop through the song’s upbeat and hazy feel.


Little clips of adventures, friendships and memories are threaded through the video; a bonfire, sunset tides, exploring cliffs. It all makes you feel like you’re there with them, living through the experiences that were the namesake of the song.

“Endless nights
It all feels fine
Staring at the sky
It feels like peace in wartime”

A simple, sweet description, for a not so simple & sweet life experience. These boys put into words what we refuse to feel. Seeming like an effortless flow of instrumentals, vocals and visuals, the music video for Nobody Hangs Out is something we’re going to be talking about for a while. Thanks for doing it again, Buddha Trixie.

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