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LANY @ The Jones Assembly

As the lights dimmed, the crowd grew anxious. The techno melody of LANY’s “Dumb Stuff” began to bounce throughout the venue and group members Jake Goss and Les Priest took the stage. The beat built, and the crowd began to bop in sync. Finally, singer Paul Jason Klein sauntered onto the stage, and the screams of excited fans echoed throughout the room.

For their first ever show in Oklahoma City, the trio known as LANY put on a performance their fans would never forget. Throughout the night, the energy within the Jones Assembly was at an all time high. The crowd radiated happiness, dancing and singing along as the melodies carried throughout the room. But, smiles were not the only thing shared during the concert. Being back in his home state of Oklahoma, Klein’s emotions were also at an all-time high. During “Hericane,” the crowd shared an intimate moment with the band; shouting the lyrics “Oklahoma this time of year,” Klein bent over in tears, letting the fans finish the verse as he revelled in the moment. The trio closed the show with their hit song “ILYSB,” and the crowd belted out every single lyric. 






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