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Muses of Music – Uma Bloo’s “Lullaby”

Muses of Music is a segment where musicians, primarily female or nonmale identifying, share their sources of creativity. As the word “muse” is often defined as an individual who inspires artists, we avid music fans are curious to learn more about the factors that ignite creativity in those same people. Sharing their work with the world whether through a single, track listing, music video, or demo – we hope Muses of Music assists in building more personable relationships between the musician and fan.


 Tuesday, April 16 @ Subterranean

For our second segment, we wanted to dig deeper into “Lullaby” by Uma Bloo. Uma Bloo is a solo singer/songwriter project commenced by Molly Madden. From Cleveland, OH now based in Chicago, she’s shared bills with the likes of Triathalon, Lucille Furs, The Goon Sax, and Space Gators – showing true versatility that isn’t often seen in the local indie rock realm. Taking the project’s drama-filled vulnerable music to a new level, Molly invited good friends Mike Altergott (bass) and Alex Kociper (drums) to join her onstage for live performances.

With haunting vocals layered on top of delicate guitar, “Lullaby” is one of the two singles Uma Bloo has released this year. We reached out to singer/guitarist Molly to further learn about what’s influenced her life.

Q: What inspired the song “Lullaby”?

A: “Lullaby” was born of pure loneliness and fantasy. I couldn’t sleep one night and I was reflecting on intimacy and how impossible it seemed. I’ve never been in love or in a relationship so I was imagining what I would say to this faceless partner I’d always imagined. Looking back on it now I find that the song is more of a plea than anything, though I did intend for it to be sweet.

Q: What inspires your creativity, or your life day to day?

A: Lately I’ve been most inspired by my interactions with others, what their energy does to mine. I like to try unravelling human complexities that will, of course, never be fully unraveled. Human beings are puzzles that cannot be finished because the pieces are either missing or never existed. I love it-  I’m eternally edging on the dissatisfaction of figuring somebody out.

Q: In celebration of pride month and acknowledging your identification as queer, how has the queer community inspired your life?

A: I’ve only acknowledge my queerness for about a year now, so I’m still learning and unlearning quite a lot. The journey has definitely introduced joy to my life, but I am still figuring out how to be unafraid and unashamed of the power within this chamber of my being. But I think that is exactly what I love about it: the queer community is so large and means many different things, there is so much to discover about the possibilities within an umbrella identity.

The LGBTQ community is in constant conversation with themselves and their surroundings, I feel safe to explore these ideas because I see it happening all the time. I still feel shy about it, as if I’m experiencing a second puberty, but I think that it is fine and beautiful. I feel now more than ever that this is a process, that I am allowed to change. I don’t feel as desperate to find the right name for what I am, I am allowed to just like what I like. I’m very grateful to all the queer people who came before me and for those who lead us now… they’ve made it much easier for me.


To hear more from Uma Bloo, check out their links below. If you have any recommendations as to what bands to learn more about, feel free to DM Alicia on Instagram or Twitter @eraseher_. Stay tuned for more!

Uma Bloo – “Lullaby

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