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LISTEN: The Frets – “BLUR”

The alternative rock band, The Frets originally based out of Manchester, England and now located in San Diego, California have just released their second single “BLUR”. The single was produced by 5 time Grammy-nominated producer, Billy Smiley and mixed by Mark Needham. The group consisting of members, Cody Seeer, Liam Wilkes, John Martinez, and Mike Moffett combine their talents to bring together a sound that can be described as The Kings of Leon meets early 2000’s pop punk. 


With a slow lead in and heavy guitar riff, “BLUR” transports you to the closing scene of every teen romantic comedy. The lyrics, “I’m still frustrated / I’m giving in / Now I’m sedated baby” hit you with a sense of nostalgia for relationships you have never had, mixed with hints of teen angst that resonate with any generation. The harmonies combined with the steady drum beat keep you hooked, and you can’t help but singing along with the chorus.

“BLUR”, is a strong continuation from their debut single, “Break Me” and a promising start to the rest of, The Frets’ career. Every note was played with a sense of purpose, you can feel a connection with the lyrics being voiced. “BLUR” can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and other music streaming sites.

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