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No Regrettes in Brooklyn

From the moment I arrived, there was a kind of energy in the air that is indescribable.
Surprisingly, groups of teens and adults of all ages were waiting outside the venue to see the band perform. Seeing the room start off completely empty, and then fill all the way up by the time The Regrettes went on stage, was a really incredible sight.

Keeping with the ‘Brooklyn’ theme of the night, the four-piece decided to wear matching Brooklyn Nets jersey’s that they had customized at The Governor’s Ball festival the day before. Their set started off with a hit (I Don’t Like You) off their most recent album, ‘Feel Your Feelings Fool!’, which was followed by some light moshing and yet another crowd-pleaser, ‘Hey Now’.

It seemed as though, throughout the entire performance, the energy level of the crowd kept increasing. From the bands on stage and the kids at the front, to the sound booth all the way in the back; everyone was dancing and singing along to each song that rang through the venue.

At one point, Lydia started to crowd surf and everyone went crazy. It was great to see how happy everyone was watching the band perform that night, and was amazing to talk to them after the show. With their upbeat songs, empowering message, and care-free attitude, The Regrettes are for sure a band to watch. If they weren’t on your radar before, they will be now.

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