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LISTEN: A Trip To Magic Hotel – Modern Nomad

Modern Nomad, the alternative indie musician (aka Tom Mclean) based out of Baltimore, Maryland just released his newest album, A Trip To Magic Hotel.’ Tom has been writing and releasing music since 2014, with a sound inspired by Tame Impala and Modest Mouse, Modern Nomad has been culminating his own distinct sound that will not soon be forgotten. Recorded in California with his friends Avid Dancer and Brylo, this album has absolutely made the top of our summer playlists.


Starting off the album with a tone similar to that of a childhood lullaby, ‘If I Knew’ is soft and sweet with heavenly vocals entwined throughout. The lyrics, “Please don’t go today / Let the mind games play today / I really want to say / It’s okay”, encompass a sense of compassion and as the guitar riff picks up you are hit with similar vibes to that of Guns N’ Roses’ ‘November Rain’.

‘Coming For You’ changes tone from the first track and incorporates a lighthearted sound that transports you to the middle of a summer teen movie. With a steady drum beat and subtle maracas, you can’t help but picture yourself driving along the coast in a convertible with the top down at sunset.

The third song, ‘It Might Be Over’ (Ft. Avid Dancer), stays consistent with the calm summer vibe that holds true to the rest of the album. The lyrics, “You said you wanted it all inside your head / Did you think it might be over”, make you think about all your past relationships that quietly faded away.

‘I Know You Want It’ (Ft. Brylo), has a funk dance beat that you just want to nod your head to, and the electronic voice that closes off the track is reminiscent of KONGOS’ ‘In the Music’. The eighth track, ‘Without A Warning’, slows the pace down again and moves back into the calm subtle tones of the first few songs.

Closing the album off with, ‘Falling In Love’, an intro of electronic video game beats is followed by hypnotic vocals. The lyrics, “What we do / Well it’s often up to you / And it’s okay with me / Cause now we’ll wait and see / I’m falling in love”, are innocent and perfectly portray how pure and simple new love can be.

The whole ‘A Trip To Magic Hotel’ album is an eclectic mix of beats and sounds and a stellar new release for Modern Nomad. The simplistic lyrics and cosmic vocals are intoxicating and this album is sure to be your newest summer soundtrack. ‘A Trip To Magic Hotel,’ can be found on Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and other music streaming sites!

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