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Muses of Music: Girl K

by Alicia Maciel

Muses of Music is a new segment by Alicia Maciel (airing every Monday) where musicians, primarily female or nonmale identifying, share their sources of creativity. A “muse” is often defined as an individual who inspires artists, but as an avid music fan I’m curious to learn more about what ignites creativity in the artists themselves. Sharing their work with the world whether through a single, track listing, music video, or demo – we hope Muses of Music assists in building more personal relationships between the musician and fan.

For our segment debut, we wanted to learn more about a new track released by Girl K. Girl K is an indie rock band from Chicago, IL. Having a style often described as alternative meets indie pop, the band debuted “Division Club” on Tuesday, May 29. A follow-up to their first album, Sunflower Court, Girl K was determined to share the message of the song further than just audio, and create a visual – leading to the production of their very first music video. Directed by Andrew Tricaso with team involvement from local creative space Berenice House, plus band members Kathy Patino, Jake Theimer, Mike Wolz, and Tyler Pacheco – we spoke with front woman Kathy to learn more about the single.

listen on spotify here

What inspired you to write “Division Club”?

First semester of college, I was in a sociology class, and we watched this documentary about Detroit, MI. It explored the city’s struggle to bring in jobs and keep companies, all the issues in their economy and community. There was this scene where a lady was staring out a big gaping window, and she was looking at the skyline and said something like “I can see the whole world”. That heavily inspired the lyrics.

Overall, “Division Club” became a song about materialism and how we lose sense of where the actual issues in our communities and economies are, which is within ourselves. We give too much value to things, and turn on each other so quickly because of the power we give them.

Where did the concept for the music video come from?

The music video was just one of those “sit down and try to come up with something” things. We had a whole story line planned out, but the boys did such an amazing job  creating a set we decided to film it in one day. The alien story line was filmed a little later,and I really like that it relays this message of not feeling like you belong somewhere, or feeling stuck.


What inspires you on an everyday basis?

I know I’m definitely not inspired every day, I have many low days where I’m constantly doubting myself and being negative about what I create, and sulking and doing nothing. On days where I do feel inspired, it’s usually because I become aware of how many supporters we actually have and how many friends I’ve gained throughout this experience. Just remembering that people care about me and my music. I also get inspired when I’m in a cool situation I wouldn’t be in if I hadn’t started GIRL K.

Grouplove inspires me almost all the time. They’re really what got me back into the zone after years of doubt and disbelief. Recently, I’ve been heavily inspired by a lot of local bands, and I’m so fortunate to be friends with them, and able to learn and hang and just indulge myself in such an inspiring & motivating community and lifestyle. Basically, everything I choose to surround myself with inspires me. I have nothing but admiration and love for everyone that has come and gone from my life.


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