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Like most, this is the first time I’ve been introduced to performance artist SAMMAY (aka Samantha Penaflor Dizon), a multi-talented creative force born and bread in Carson CA, currently based in the Bay Area.

HIGH RES_levitation y blood moon

Cover by Lauren Andrei Garcia

I was recently invited to check out her latest single, ‘Full Moon.’ Straightway, I was surrounded by the feeling that something about this release just felt special. As soon as I pressed play I was hit with a completely unexpected mid 90’s R&B/Soul groove, that caught me off guard and took me back all the way to the golden days. An era when artists like Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, TLC, SWV, Jade and etc. reigned supreme…

What I love about ‘Full Moon’  is the fact that the song is surprisingly quite catchy without having to necessarily sound generic. In fact, it’s everything but that. It’s fun, upbeat and stylish enough to make me want to start busting old school 90’s dance moves for absolutely no reason. The energy of this track is guaranteed to uplift spirits all around.

Overalll; an uncompromising feel-good song, able to catch the listener’s attention from the get go, and produced by creative collaborator, LOKY.

An admirable aspect that struck me about these two (LOKY and SAMMAY) is the fact that each has crafted their own individual path intentionally to get to this point.

SAMMAY is a bonafide, spiritually engaged artist, actively restoring her indigenous traditions and heritage through her forms of self expression, including dance theater, performance arts, performance rituals, and of course, music.

LOKY has swiftly and meticulously worked his way up from his days as a session keyboardist assisting other producers, into building his own studio from where he now facilitates and enables himself and others to also work on their creative dreams.

Personally, I think the combination is a definite win/win as both LOKY’s production and SAMMAY’s delivery are effortless and on point. What do y’all think? Give it a listen here, and don’t forget to stay up to date with SAMMAY’s future endeavors on her website:

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