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Video Debut – ‘Zephyr’ by Castlebeat

Castlebeat’s latest release, ‘Zephyr,’  through Spirit Goth Records, is a smooth nostalgic track utilizing an 80s-esque energy within instrumentals. Off of the newly released album, ‘VHS,’ the music video rings true to that name. Created by lo-fi graphic designer, Wiktor Lekston, the video is laced with vivid coloring that perfectly envelops the song as a whole. I can only imagine a live show, smooth steady vocals ring through as visuals from the video are projected onto the stage.

Trying to describe the sensation of this video is like trying to put a name on nostalgia for things you’ve never felt before. An electric acid trip, perfectly wrapped up with heartfelt lyrics, and recorded on a VHS camcorder. The video itself switches between clips of hazy neon color, lyrics displayed throughout each frame describing the confusion in relationships, this unsure grey area where you don’t know if it’s over, or if you should go after the girl instead. I can already imagine the protagonist to an 80s coming of age film navigating the confusion of high school love, and finding himself as this song progresses into the credits.

The vision for the video was clear, and was a direct reflection of the song itself. I am ecstatic to be able to debut this release on the site, and hope you’ll all enjoy both the visuals and the music as much as I did. Big thank you to Spirit Goth Records for sending this over to us. Check out Castlebeat’s new album, ‘VHS,’ here.

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