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Big Pineapple Fest

By Tatjana Hamilton

This was my third year in a row shooting Big Pineapple Music festival. It’s this great music festival in Australia, and the vibes are always nice.


I started off the day shooting my good friend Luke Liang playing with Kim Churchill at 2pm. It was warm and I was already starting to sweat!!


E^ST played at 3:50. The sun was starting to set by the end of her set, and as a result, I got this lovely warmth from the photos I took of her. After, I shot for Allday at the main stage. I went into the crowd to get some perspective shots, and I asked a few legends to put me on their shoulders (perks of being short, right?). I snapped those pics, and then ran to side stage and shot some wide shots with the crowd. The lighting was really good and the smoke made for some cool effects.


The last set I shot was Illy’s, which was pretty fun, as he likes to jump all over the stage. So I made sure to capture some of that energy.



I shot some Polaroids as well, on expired Impossible film. The shots came out blue, but I kind of don’t mind it! I think I’m going to start bringing this camera with me everywhere I go – there’s something really cool about instant photography.

By the end of the night, every muscle in my body ached. But that’s when you know you’ve done a good job on a shoot!


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  1. omg these photos are all sublime!! the one with mallrat is such a cutie too! xx

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