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Staff Playlist, May ’18

Cover photo by Josh Kern

The 6th month is upon us, which calls for a recap on our lovely staffs’ favourite songs from the last few weeks. Ranging from Ty Segall to the Arctic Monkeys, there’s something for everyone!

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify here

@gaiahannah – Marco Polo by Boyscott

Hannah’s Thoughts: “This song to me is the feeling of loading up the car with your best mates and driving on the beach on a delightfully sunny day. It has the feeling of summer, and it is so full of love and happiness. It’s been in my head non-stop”

@samikatherinee – Stay by The Aces

Sami’s Thoughts: “From touring with Coin and X Ambassadors, to releasing their debut album, ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’, the Utah-based group, The Aces, are blowing up and taking the indie scene by storm. If you haven’t heard of them now, you definitely will soon. ‘Stay’ is a song that captures the emotions of young love with a fun beat and lyrics that will have you singing along all day. Don’t sleep on The Aces, they’re going to do big things in 2018!”

@rseodul8  – Mom by broox

Lourd’s Thoughts: “It’s a good thing to get in touch with your emotions, and music is one of the ways I do so. I was very reflective during the month of May, and a line in the song that stuck with me was, ‘I’ve been feeling guilty cause I’m not what I could be.’ I think loads of people can relate to feeling like they could be more than they are, and this song doesn’t make you feel alone for having thoughts like that. In a way, it allows you to understand it’s not a bad thing to feel something so human. Not everything always feels so pretty & that’s okay! Remember you are your best you by being you (even if you feel like you aren’t your best self at the moment.

@sarahcshi – Roll (Burbank Funk) by The Internet

Sarah’s Thoughts: “The song has a sick bass-line and beat, featuring Steve Lacy rather than what we’ve seen with Syd before. I’m excited to see what’s to come since this is the first thing released since ego death, from 3 years ago.”

@liana.simonelli – Happy Accidents by Stray Monroe

Liana’s Thoughts: “I’m listening to Happy Accidents as I write this. This song holds a kind of multifaceted meaning for me. The first time I saw this band live was the same night that lead to me being involved in Pure Nowhere, and as cheesy as it sounds, it always reminds me of this insanely positive thing I have been able to become immersed in. I just had a flashback to when I played this song for my dad and experiencing, for the first time, that surreal collision of seeing someone play live and listening to them on your phone. Since then, the amount of times I’ve played this song on absolute full volume (with scratchy blown out speakers) is way too hard to count! I get such funky, melancholy vibes from this song, but in the best way possible. It always makes me smile and I can listen to it over and over again, a testament to the lyrics and musical talent of Stray Monroe themselves. Please check out the band and this song, it’s one of my all time favourites.”

@alana.leia– Orange Color Queen by Ty Segall

Alana’s Thoughts: “Spotify finally released Ty Segall’s new albums, and this is one of my favourites from them. It makes me think of how beautiful love is, and puts me in a really gushy romantic mood. I hope it does the same for everyone”

@holdooonnnDark Spring by Beach House

Holdon’s Thoughts: “I love Beach House so much, and from the three recent singles, this new album is shaping up to be stunning! Their new shoegaze infused sound is adding a whole new dimension to the classic Beach House Formula. I can’t wait to catch these new songs live in August.”

@emily_brower– Bury by Bad Things

Emily’s Thoughts: “I have had this song on repeat since I discovered it on Spotify. I love the vocals and the lyrics are painfully relatable. Bad Things have stopped making music, but the songs they have recorded are all amazing.”

@m.arymay– In Cold Blood by alt-J

Mary’s Thoughts: “There are other alt-J songs that I would place above this song, but for some reason the hidden idea behind this song and video intrigued me. It takes place at a pool party, and when one person comes up from the pool, someone has been killed. I’ll always appreciate alt-J’s inclination towards mysterious song meanings.”

@kyla.rain– Uninvited by Mallrat

Kyla’s Thoughts: “I just started listening to her music, and I love it so much. Her raps and the energy she produces, it’s all so magical, makes me insanely happy. Plus the music video for that song is golden and so hilarious and strange. It’s for sure a long-term bop.”

@elzyella– The Ultracheese – Arctic Monkeys

Ella’s Thoughts: “The new Arctic Monkeys album has split their fan-base into two sides, I’m on the side that thinks it’s a masterpiece. I love the almost psychedelic vibe that their new music has, I especially love The Ultracheese for the lyrics, my favourite being, ‘when you were just about to be kind to someone because you have the chance.’ Alex Turner is the king of lyrics.”

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