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LISTEN: Till the Feeling’s Right, Erin Cole-Baker

Erin Cole-Baker’s latest album release ‘Till the Feeling’s Right’ proves how folk/rock can be as unpredictable as soothing. Its sonic body is full of life with gentle tones and vibrant melodies, able to captivate the listener’s attention with ease.

Co-produced by Erin, with the help of Alex Selman, the attention to detail this impressive body of work received is evident throughout the album, and for me personally, it’s what makes this release such a rewarding listen.


The songwriting is beautiful, once you understand the context in which it was written. Having had a 7 year break since her last release to focus on motherhood, dropping such an intricate piece will no doubt have taken a lot of dedication and commitment, almost difficult to comprehend. And yet. Erin’s made it look so easy.

Each song has a different story to tell. Erin Cole-Baker’s wisdom and experience is evident, expressed with subtlety in the naked sentiments and quiet confidence of a woman who is finally getting to know herself well.

In a way, Till the Feeling’s Right’ feels like the soundtrack to what life in New Zealand is supposed to be like, including the ups and downs. Recorded in Whangarei, New Zealand, over two 3-day sessions at Anzac road studio, it’s a guaranteed rollercoaster ride able to transmit warmth, inspiration and serenity. Not only is it lush, but it gets better with each play.

2018 seems to be a busy year for the singer, who’s already received airplay in Radio New Zealand on top of releasing this – dare I say – almost immaculate album. While it’s pretty  hard to pick a favourite, highlights for me include ‘Heaven’s Eyes’, ‘California Bound,’ the self titled ‘Till the Feeling’s Right’ and ‘Morning Dove’.

If you’re in the U.S. you can catch Erin on tour during August and September down on the West Coast this year, and if you’re in New Zealand or Australia, keep an eye out for her upcoming shows below.

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