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Alvvays @ The Music Box

Article & Photography by Hector Castro

Alvvays is a Canadian indie pop band from Toronto, consisting of Molly Rankin (vocals/rhythm guitar), Kerri McLellan (keys), Alec O’Hanas (lead guitarist), Brian Murphy (bass), and Sheridan Riley (drummer).

Straight from their second Coachella performance, Alvvays reached the Southwestern corner of the world… San Diego, California! Being their 18th stop on their American tour, Alvvays seemed exhausted but willing to slap some amazing tunes at our sun kissed faces. They performed for a solid hour and a halfs, which seemed like a heavenly eternity to those stoic, Molly obsessed boys.

The band was met with a joyous roar from 706 Californian fans, selling out the event months prior. It was a full house.

Each member appeared on stage one by one until we saw Molly Rankin herself walk up from the side of the stage. Different to many SD venues, the crowd was separated by just queue tape. Surprisingly, the crowd was careful enough to avoid ripping it once the mosh started. Every face was blown by the wondrous ‘Hey’ that then followed to a personal favorite ‘Adult Diversion’.

We all danced, cried, and stood in awe, to what might’ve been the tightest sound we’ve seen live. The band’s dynamic rhythm and coordination was as close to the original recording as humanly possible. The sound was also accompanied by intense and impressive visuals that seemed fit for every song. From Not My Baby’s neon waves reflecting the band’s image, to Next of Kim’s dreamy close up of Molly’s face. Though it seemed that such projections were intended to face the band, the Music Box venue projected their visuals through high definition LED screens that illuminated the stage.

“I love you too!” Molly shouted back to a small group of girls in the front role, while she stepped on pedal boards. The show was genuine and fulfilling to the casual listener hoping to hear the pleads of marriage to the beloved Archie. Laughs and cheers filled the three story venue while countless howls and whistles jumped from one corner to the next.

With their fairly new album ‘Antisocialties’ released the year before, the crowd seemed familiar and grown to Alvvays’ new material. Though many note the repetitive sound they’ve taken, the lyrics spoke for the hard hitting rollercoaster of emotions one experiences during a break up. Songs like ‘In Undertow’ and ‘Your Type’ really hit home to concertgoers.

Supported by Frankie Rose, Alvvays performed one of the most anticipated shows in San Diego.



Adult Diversion

In Undertow

Plimsoll Punks

Lollipop (Ode to Jim)

Not My Baby

Saved By A Waif

Forget About Life

Your Type

Ones Who Love You

Atop A Cake

Archie, Marry Me

Pecking Order

Dreams Tonite

Party Police


Blue (Elastica Cover)

Next of Kin

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