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LISTEN: Little Boat, Ajay Mathur

My first time listening to Ajay’s Marthur’s album Little Boat, I felt a huge wave of nostalgia. Suddenly I was 10, on a road trip to the grand canyon. I was 13, stuck in LA traffic for hours, talking to my dad over the loud roar of music and honking horns. I was 15, driving to a faraway airport, jumping at every faraway light.


Whenever my family’s stuck in a car, my dad always asks me to turn on “road trip music” , and I’ve never really understood what that was. Listening to this album finally made it clear to me. Road Trip music is a combination of 70’s harmonies, weird percussion instruments, harmonicas, and 12 string acoustic guitars. Everyone knows the feeling these songs evoke, whether they call it classic rock or road trip music (like my dad).

This album came out March 2, 2018, but somehow, it’s timeless. If you like Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd and other classic rock, but you’re sick of listening to the same old albums over and over, turn this on ASAP.

Mathur adds Indian style instrumentals to American Folk rock to create something different. His music’s been classified as Psychedelic rock, Adult Contemporary or Urban, but this is all subjective. It is something new, partially because of his different cultural influences; he was raised in India, then moved to Sweden. Although I wouldn’t classify him as genre-bending, his music is aural oxymoron. It’s freshly old, classically new, and timelessly now.

If you find yourself on a long drive in the middle of nowhere, or sightseeing along a coast, and you want to feel that classic rock, nostalgic, childhood vibe, put on Ajay Mathur’s “Little Boat.”

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  1. AlanaJohnson222, you got the spirit of my album 100% right. Thank you for your refreshingly candid and lovely review – cheers, Ajay

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