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Why The Syria Missile Strike Should Alarm You

by Alana Johnson


Photo Recieved via On The Wight 

The air strike Trump dropped onto Syria should be upsetting to us all. Here’s why:

First of all, it’s important to know why Trump dropped the bombs in the first place. Syria’s current regime is known for utilizing chemical weapons against it’s own citizens. Recently in Douma, several Syrian citizens were left dead, due to a chemical weapons attack that America believes was most likely conducted by the Syrian government. America’s missile strike was carried out above locations where it is assumed chemical weapons storage is located.

Our government can’t deny (or, they can try, but we know better) that by no means will this air strike eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons program. It will barely make a dent, unless the US takes a more extreme approach, which would result in upsetting Russia. No – this strike had a different goal; to send a message, that if Syria won’t listen to our diplomatic attempts to stop their chemical weapons program, we will have to take alternative measures. However, the strike not only failed to convey this, but negatively affected Syria in multiple ways; essentially furthering the destabilization of Syria and increasing the threat of terrorism.

The biggest problem with the missile strike is the increased threat of terrorism it brings. ISIS is a muslim extremist group stationed in countries around the Middle East, Syria included. ISIS holds a fundamental value that western countries’ governments and practices are evil and must be abolished. Looking at how violent ISIS is, you might wonder, how could anyone join this group? But it’s actually quite easy to convince people to fight if they have a strong hatred for what they’re fighting against.

When Syrians see bombs dropped, buildings destroyed and lives ended, all as a direct result of an American-led strike, ISIS rejoices. They can recruit men by insisting, “Look what America does to our country. They must be stopped.” To terrorist groups in Syria, these bombings justify their violence and allow them to recruit more and more members, all thirsty for the destruction of western ideals. Trump is threatening the Middle East with an increase in terrorism and a decrease in their (already low) stability, and he’s threatening America with an increase of violent hatred towards us.

This is why the Syria missile strike should alarm you.


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