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Staff Playlist, March ’18

Curated by Ella Jones, Cover Photo by @lil35mmama

The end of the month means we come together to make our writers playlist! Ranging from Brockhampton to Sunset Rollercoaster, there is something for everyone!

Listen to the playlist on Spotify here


@gaiahannah – Touch Me by The Doors

Hannah’s Thoughts: “Every time I hear it I dance and sing. Just hearing the beginning cultivates the most beautiful smile on my face. That song really does warm my heart.”

@samikatherinee – Glo Ride by Hot Flash Heat Wave

Sami’s Thoughts: “With groovy 80’s style beats and dreamy lyrics, the newest release of Bay Area-based Hot Flash Heat Wave is an ethereal tune that could easily become the song of the summer. The band just wrapped up a small North American tour, including sold out dates in LA as well as NYC. Hot Flash’s unique sound and their enjoyable live performances are what makes them one of my favorite bands; keep an eye on these guys because they’re about to blow up!”

@kyla.rain – Goodie Bag by Still Woozy

Kyla’s Thoughts: “I love it so much because it literally makes my heart MELT. The bass and vocals in that track are absolute honey. They compliment eachother in the best way and honestly the artist is SO underrated. I was surprised when I saw that he’s not that big yet (key word in there is yet).

@holdooonnnDive by Beach House

Holdon’s Thoughts: “I love this track because it is a huge stylistics pivot for Beach House. I love that they are embracing the shoegaze-y style that they have only hinted at on previous records. I am super excited for their new album.”

@druolonme – Twentytwo by Sunflower Bean

Lourds’ Thoughts: “Sunflower Bean feels like a Friday night to yourself in your room (& maybe a close friend). And the rest of the album, that just came out, will definitely be on for quite awhile. Everything about this song makes me want to dance & sing my heart out to it. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll see why.”

@r0seg0etsch  Junky by Brockhampton

Rose’s Thoughts: “I have loved this song for a while, but I’ve been listening to it every second lately! I love how Brockhampton is changing the rap game, rapping about current social happenings, like in ‘Junky’ when they speak on black lives matter and rape culture. Also, their songs are super clever and serious bops!”

@emily_brower Zombie by MT. EDDY

Emily’s Thoughts: “I absolutely love this song from MT. EDDY’s new ‘bleu’ EP. The surf punk vibe that is entwined throughout the song, combined with the Back to the Future themed music video is ethereal. I can’t stop listening and waiting for the full album.”

@liana.simonelli – Gossamer by Fashion Jackson

Liana’s Thoughts: “I learned about this song later this month after I saw the band play live. ‘Gossamer’ has been on repeat and max volume since then. I’m so into it. The lyrics are super creative and I love their funky sound.”

@alana.leia – Half Man Half Shark by King Krule

Alana’s Thoughts: “When King Krule’s album ‘The Ooz’ came out, I didn’t want to listen to it right away because I always wish I could go back and listen to songs I love for the first time over again. I put off listening to it until this month and heard it for the first time hanging out in my boyfriend’s bedroom. Although a little anticlimactic, I’m happy I waited so long to listen. Everyone should go listen to ‘The Ooz’ right now because it is one of the best albums out there. And if you don’t have enough time, just listen to ‘Half Man Half Shark.’

@sarahcshi– No Pain by DJDS (ft. Khalid, Charlie Wilson, Charlotte Day Wilson)

Sarah’s Thoughts: “I really enjoy the song because of it’s soulful nature that’s quite simultaneously fun. The song has lots of gospel elements with its choral vocals and the organ, but the song modernizes it with the use of the underlying bass.”

@sriosly – Give It Up by Goldensuns

Hector’s Thoughts: “I picked this song because I heard it for the first time during Mercury Retrograde. This song is very smooth and dreamy. While listening to it, I had an epiphany on what courses I should take in life. Expecting changes to occur during this season, I was driven whilst listening to this song. Hopes of regaining friendships, meeting new people, attempting closure with my ex, and the rest to self-improve. As deep as it sounds, I found myself contemplating while listening to this. I hope you get to witness some great changes or witness any epiphany when listening to this song as well. This goes out to March!”

@sunsetclifs – My Jinji by Sunset Rollercoaster

Greica’s Thoughts: “This song has been my absolute favorite for this month! I just keep playing it over and over again, it’s such a nice vibe, also it makes me very happy. I really like it because it reminds me of my best friend Mirna, and this entire month has been a crazy one that we will never forget! We both listened to this song together and had sad times and good times to it, we felt everything. She’s my jinji.

@alli.xandriaaShe May, She Might by Yo La Tengo

Allie’s Thoughts: “This song is probably my favorite off Yo La Tengo’s new album, ‘There’s a Riot Going On.’ It has a sense of ambiguity, with whisper-like vocals describing a relationship coming to an end: ‘she may, she might…she sighs, to say well who would want to say goodbye?’ I like how the lyrics are easy to relate to since it’s a simple song that puts the complicated emotions of a farewell into a minimal amount of words, unlike other goodbye songs that put in too much detail and don’t feel as personal.”

@elzyella – Me and Mr Jones By Amy Winehouse

My Thoughts: “There is something about Amy’s tone in her voice and the emotion behind her music that draws me in. I love songs that begin without much intro, this song is a good example of this. It jumps straight in with Amy’s powerful voice. I also love the lyrics of this song, its about empowerment in relationships, something that should be taken for granted more often. Nothing beats Amy.”

Comment below what your favourites are from our playlist and what your favourite song of March is!

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