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Men I Trust @ Baby’s All Right

‘Men I Trust’ is a Montreal-based indie band that amalgamates pop and funk for some dreamy, but groovy sounds, that makes you want to dance. The French-Canadian trio – with Emmanuelle Proulx (Emma, for short), Jessy Caron, Dragos Chiriac, and Mathieu Rompré while on tour – played the second sold-out show in New York City following the release of their single, Show Me How, at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right. The trio works together to stunningly create music and visuals that are influenced by all three members – Dragos brings his expertise with electronic production, Emma brings her grainy and sweet vocals to the production, and Jessy brings the more upbeat influence of the bass – who work to record, mix, master, and shoot their music videos independently.

men i trust

The Baby’s All Right show wrapped up the band’s first US tour, following a four-day stint at SXSW.

Men I Trust was genuine and captivating with their performance, keeping the audience relaxed and dancing throughout the night with their relaxed but groovy music.
The latest single and their first release of 2018, ‘Show Me How,’ brought the audience in with the soaring guitar and Emma’s croons that yearn and ask, “Show me how you care / Tell me how you were loved before.”

As the more upbeat ‘Lauren’ came on, the entire crowd began to dance to the funk-influenced song with the strong backing of Jessy’s bass. ‘I Hope to Be Around’ was a gorgeous crowd-favorite that brought the entire crowd singing along with Emma, who was taken aback and said, “what the fuck,” as she was brought to tears. Emma took a second after the song to thank the crowd and endearingly promised that she would not tear up again. 

Emma sings, “I dream of my future / Remote from time bounds,” in ‘I Hope to Be Around.’

Men I Trust’s simultaneously dreamy music and stunning visuals brought us into their dream and removed us momentarily from time at Baby’s All Right.

Article by Sarah Shi

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