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Triple Shot -An Interview with Espresso

From song to stage, the LA based band, Espresso, is exciting crowds with their uniquely amped-up and charismatic music. They play with absolute exhilaration that translates into their self-described “spunk” sound. Give them a listen and read on to learn about their music recommendations and occasional table building.


Photo by @quintron

I just wanted to start off with a little bit of background on your band, how did you start, how did you come with with your name, ‘Espresso’?

Colin: All of us knew each other since we were probably like thirteen or fourteen, we played in a band together and then that band kind of ended; and we had two other people in that band too but they weren’t really down to play music anymore. So in like eleventh, going into twelfth grade, we started Espresso.

Alex: Me and Colin started playing music together again, as ‘Los Dos.’ We had just like, a drums band and then me and Dashel started Espresso…and then me and Dash were like, ‘we need a drummer, we know only one drummer [Colin].’ 

Colin: Alex saw an espresso cup on Dash’s table in his room, and was like ‘alright let’s call ourselves Espresso.’ Then I joined like a couple weeks later, and the name just stuck.

Oh that’s so cool and when was that, when did you all join together?

Alex: Like senior year of high school (2015).

What would you describe your kind of style or what you’re going for with all your music?
Colin: I’d say…spunk.


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With your latest album is ‘Alvin Bovin’s Big Break,’ what prompted that album and did you have any inspirations while creating it?

Alex: We were listening to a lot Thin Lizzy, while making it, and a lot of Beatles, always, Sublime too, that’s one of our favorite bands ever.

Dash: I was listening to the Flaming Lips a lot.

Colin: We had worked on these songs for almost, maybe a little less than a year. We just started creating more songs and then finally we were just ready to record the album. Then, as we were recording, we were kind of simultaneously finishing them up. We finished the album pretty much as soon as all the songs were done, which was kind of funny.

I was just wondering if you had any words about your song ‘Crystal Ball’…what it’s about, a little backstory? Or any song, honestly.

Colin: I wrote the lyrics to that one….that one actually has some meaning. My girlfriend went to Rome, to live, like she left and went to Rome and that song’s kind of about that. So I’m sure if you re-listen you’ll kind of understand it’s about somebody going away, pretty far away, and just being able to live with that, and be comfortable with that, and just figuring out how to deal with this thing that is pretty…pretty tricky and complicated.


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What have been some funny or memorable, good for bad, stories you’ve had on this tour or just any concerts in general?

Alex: The song Alvin Bovin is about that. Is just like a…

Dash: …mish mash of just random fun shit that we’ve done.

Alex: It’s pretty much a summary of the highlights of what we’ve done before this album, you know. Just like funny shit.

Colin: And they’re a lot of lyrics in that song but if you kind of went one by one they’re little stories in everything.

Alex: Like “standing by my bed, surfboard crashed into my head.”

Colin: That’s in a chorus. Dash was literally standing by his bed, and his board was up against it and went down and smashed him right above his eye.

Alex: I had to take him to the hospital and couldn’t play our show that night because this happened to him.

Dash: “Night of the show, Alvin Bovin can not go.”

Who is ‘Alvin Bovin’ is he one of you or…?

Dash: That started as Alex’s nickname but it’s just kind of like a euphemism for all of us.

Alex: I mean no one calls me Alex that much anymore. They all call me like Alvin, Vin, or Vinchenzo, or Chenny, or Al.

That’s awesome, how would do introduce yourself then?

Alex: Well, it’s pretty funny, whenever people meet me that kind of already know about me, or whatever, “is your name Alvin or Alex?” And I’m just like, “I don’t know.”

Colin: Dash usually, when we introduce him, is usually Deezoboss, just because that’s his moniker, I guess.

I think I talked to Alex, or Alvin, at your concert a little bit about your art on your album covers, CDs, and stickers. That was really sick I loved all of that. Do you want to just talk about it…?

Alex: Well, it’s pretty funny, I’ve never been good at drawing, and I’m still not really. Like, I mean like seriously, I’ve always drawn and I’ve really liked to draw but it’s never been good; and no one’s thought it’s good, until recently. Then Colin, well, Colin and Dash like it and they think it’s really good, so we use it on everything and now people like it. Which is so funny to me because I’ve literally made fun of about my art so it’s kind of fun…

Colin: …modern day Van Gogh.


Photo by @cynthia_hikaru

That’s a cool story, that makes it even better, honestly.
I think you talked about it a little with [your song] Alvin Bovin but what do you like to do when you guys aren’t doing music?

Alex: We’re literally at a skate park right now. So we skate.

Dash: I like to do woodworking, like building tables.

Alex: Like a carpenter.

What’s like your biggest project, or are you working on anything right now?

Dash: I built some stages for us to play on and I built, like, tables.

You guys should stay that at your shows like, “Dash actually made the stage”

Dash: We’ve only used it like twice though, but yeah.


Photo by @m.haight

I think we talked about this before, who you were inspired by with your latest album, but do you have any music recommendations? Anything like your favorite song of the week or your all time favorite band.

Dash: My favorite album of the week has to be The Crudes new album, it’s called ‘Graveled Guts.’

Oh yeah you guys are touring with them[The Crudes]…

Colin: Yeah dude, their album is so awesome. Other than that…

Dash: One of my recent favorites is the new The Oc’s album. That shit’s sick.

Alex: Only the new one.

Dash: Other than that we were just saying one of our favorite albums ever is Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips.

Alex: Ya Yoshimi, that’s one of the best albums of all time, I think.

So if anyone wants to find your music…you have it on Spotify, is there anywhere else we can find you?

Colin: iTunes also!

Alex: Like Apple Music whatever…pretty much every platform.

Dash: It’s on Soundcloud too. The new album isn’t on Soundcloud but…

Alex: …It will be

Colin: Ya we can put it up there when we get back home but there than that we have CDs that you can DM us and we’ll send one to you. We don’t really use Facebook that much so we just tell people to find us on Instagram, because that’s the one we’re the most active on.


Kind of just wrapping up do you have anything else you’d like to say…words of wisdom or like anything else…

Colin: I just want to say that honestly San Diego is fucking fun to play in.

Alex: Ya you guys are like really a good crowd,

Dash: People there will like come early and stay the whole time and it’s just like awesome.

Alex: In LA that never happens, ever. And people coming up and talking to us, that’s so nice.


Photo by @hollyrobeff

Huge thanks to these boys for taking the time to talk with me, make sure you know when they’re playing in your town because a show with them on the lineup is not one to miss. Keep updated with their socials linked below.




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