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LISTEN: Momentary Vertigo, Stray Monroe

Stray Monroe, the indie rock band based out of San Diego, California released their EP ‘Momentary Vertigo’ and a new music video to go along with it. The band consisting of singer-guitarist Blake Imperl, drummer Colin Croft, and bassist Brett Kelly have been together since 2016 and released their first EP, ‘The Stray Monroe Show’ in 2017. This EP is a new start for Stray Monroe. With a more mature sound rooted in alternative rock with classic 60s undertones, ‘Momentary Vertigo’ sets this local San Diego band apart from the rest.

Leading in with heavy bass and a drum beat similar to Catfish and the Bottlemen’s “7”, “Seaside” is a song that is meant to be played in front of a crowd of moshing teenagers at a backyard show. You are transported into another realm as Imperl sings, “Sometimes life moves so fast / I guess I’m better off alone”, and you can feel yourself getting lost in the music and seeing your life in freeze frames.

“Hold The Line” is not only lighthearted and catchy, but also comes with a newly released music video. The video is comical yet sardonic and keeps you reeled in with the concept of a girl who seems be serial murderer, but is actually just aggressively attempting to invite Stray Monroe to their own show. The dramatic outro and guitar riffs pull together the whole track and the ending cheers as the music video cuts off is the perfect way to tie together the exciting closing of the show.

“Forever After” gives no room for an instrumental intro and immediately moves into the first verse. With a heavy surf punk vibe entwined throughout the guitar riffs, and folk undertones that can only be heard when you listen to the track with headphones, “Forever After” shows the diversity that Stray Monroe are truly capable of.
The fourth song, “Happy Accidents” was released as a single on September 6, 2017 and was the perfect sneak peak to the artistry of this second EP. With an upbeat dance sound similar to “Last Night” by The Strokes, “Happy Accidents” transports you to early 2000s New York where you can imagine yourself staying up all night just looking for the next thing to do. Juxtaposing the rest of the album, “Ship Steady” procures a slower pace, but still holds true to the typical Stray Monroe indie vibe. With lyrics, “The road is long there’s no holding on / From what you’re running from / in your mind”, you begin to reminisce on your life and all of your past decisions.
Closing the EP off on a high note, “Addition By Subtraction” fills your ears with a heavy drum beat that pulses through your entire body. With lyrics that can represent any teens inner monologue, you are left wanting to just scream with exhilaration.
‘Momentary Vertigo’ is meant to be listened to live and one can only imagine getting to dance and mosh around to these songs at a concert. For such a young band this is an amazing follow up to their first EP and the variation in style throughout every track makes it impossible for you to get bored. ‘Momentary Vertigo’ can be found on Spotify and other music streaming sites!

Review by Emily Brower

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