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One Zine at a Time

Independant publications have never truly been independant.

So what sets independant publications apart from huge mainstream publications?

  • They usually have a local scene, which they’re often heavily involved in and supportive of.
  • They’re usually eager to collaborate and network with new artists/photographers/writers/designers – an indescribably important springboard for these creatives.
  • Often, they’re involved in no advertising.

The slow death of print media has been utterly rejected by today’s youth. This isn’t print media dying – this is print media being reborn. Combine that with our digital society giving teens a voice and a platform, and you get tiny independant zines, blogs and magazines popping up everywhere and taking over the world.

This is a media revolution – it’s youth taking control of the media they want to create and consume, the stories they want to tell and hear, and the creative expression and freedom they want to get behind.

But the real stand-out trait of independant publications?

  • They’re a community, not a competition.

Or – at least – they should be.


Kyla (creator of Pure Nowhere) and I were talking about this for a while. How could we involve the dozens of local & international publications we’d come across, nearly all exclusively run by teens, into one big family? One community of support and encouragement?

peach pit co

Peach Pit Collective is a collaborative network (family) of independent, online & in-print publications/mags/zines looking to empower and inspire. As of now, we’re a social media platform, offering updates/news/events and the best content from the best publications out there. In the close future, we’re a place where artists and magazines alike can find collaboration opportunities & partners. Soon, we’re an email list that wraps up all the content and news you want, and delivers it straight to your inbox.

Independant publications have never truly been independant. We can only ever continue to exist with the support of incredible readers and like-minded sister publications. Here’s to taking over the world, yeah?

Find Peach Pit Collective here.

Registered Publications:

Dissolving Film
Kids Next Door
Childs Play
Heart Eyes
Inkling Magazine
Honey Punch
Ic3y Magazine
Cinnamon Honey
Pure Nowhere
Sea Foaming
Wednesday Zine
Contents Under Pressure

Some of our other favourite independant publications:

Pond MagClover Letter, The Messy HeadsSad Girls Club, Sydney To Santa Cruz,
SunstrokeUnity Press, Fem Collective, Underground Zine, Ordinary Thoughts

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