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"I've Seen the Sasquatch" – An Interview with Leisure Club

I had the opportunity to do an interview with Vancouver based indie-pop band Leisure Club. Their inclination towards catchy guitar riffs and mellifluous melodies will have you hooked after the first song.

First of all, on the record, can you just go through and tell us the names of each member of the band, what they play, and an interesting fact that maybe a lot of people don’t know.

Rob – Bass, “I once tied the course record for hole-in-ones (8) at Giggle Ridge, a highly reputable mini-golf establishment just outside of Vancouver.”

Graham – Guitar, “I’ve seen the Sasquatch.”

Sean – Keyboard, “I thought I saw a Sasquatch once but it was actually my neighbor. I was probably 7 or 8 and it really scared me.”
Daniel – Drums,  “Once busking on the sidewalk in Magrathea waiting for the answer to the ultimate question of all time, I got lured to join a band, I left and still got the answer: 42.”
Jamie – Vocals, “I’m clearly the only person in this band that doesn’t smoke weed”

How did each of you meet and come together to form Leisure Club?

Graham: We’ve all played in various bands together over the last six years. Jamie and I were in Tough Lovers, Rob and Daniel were in BESTiE, and Sean was in Facts. A local radio station held an artist development program spanning seven years and all our bands were in it. I think that was probably the biggest thing that introduced us all. From there it was just the natural progression of bands ending and forming that found our paths crossing once again.

What artists/bands inspire you the most and influence the music you guys write?

Graham: Writing the first album was really our first time writing with this group so we were really inspired be each other. Rob, Daniel and I had started flushing out a lot of the ideas before Jamie and Sean were involved so it was a real treat to be able to feed off of their energy and creativity. They pretty much pulled the ideas right out of our heads so having that be a smooth process was a nice way to start things off.

Where did the idea for for the name ‘Leisure Club’ come from?

Rob: We had a long list of potential names which we narrowed down by making fun of each, one at a time, as well as each other. Eventually we came up with “Leisure Suit”, which ended up already being taken by a band in nearby Victoria. Cue much crying and whining. 
Then one day our buddy Simon just kinda dropped in into casual conversation, “You guys could be Leisure Club, you’re kinda like a club already”. I proceeded to kiss him on the mouth and then yell “dibs Trademark!” as loud as I could. So it’s ours, we own it. Despite what that company making clothes in Pakistan will tell you

How did the opportunity to perform with Milky Chance transpire? How are you guys feeling about it?

Rob: We’ve been fortunate enough to open a few smaller shows locally in Vancouver put on by Live Nation. When they hit us up and offered us the opportunity to open for Milky Chance  we just said yes! and didn’t ask any questions. To whomever put our name in the mix over at Live Nation, thank you truly from the bottom of our hearts. 
It was an amazing experience and we feel great about it. Playing the commodore has been one of our dreams since we all started playing. And to get to do it opening for a great band, we couldn’t ask for more than that.

How do you guys feel (career wise and personally) going into this year?

Career wise: great, couldn’t be more excited
About the state of the world: I wonder if that car Elon Musk shot into space would be interested in trading places with me?

Are you planning on releasing any new music this year or anytime soon?

Rob: We are actually headed back into the studio in the very near future to record a couple of new songs. Keep your eyes out for some new music soon. We’ve got a backlog of material right now actually, so there will hopefully be a fairly steady stream of music coming out in 2018.
Can you describe the sensation and experience of performing live? To your best ability.

Daniel: Performing live becomes an immediate link between the music, the performers, and the audience. A symbiotic relationship that is established as soon as the first note starts. Depending on the intent and emotional connection to this relationship a live performance can become an out of body experience. The music takes the lead bringing everyone involved into a unique space. Letting  many feelings and imagination take over, transporting us to our favourite places in time. These places and the experiences they conjure connect us together as a whole with the music and each other.

 Is there anything you’d like to add for people reading this?

If you ever find yourself at one of our shows come by and say hi! 

Living in San Diego, I am surrounded by cultural influences and local music of many different genres. It’s so refreshing when local bands from all over make a welcomed appearance in my life. With almost ten thousand listeners on Spotify and performances with Milky Chance lined up, this local Vancouver band has started to make a name for itself and its band members.
A big thanks to the members of Leisure Club for taking the time to answer my questions. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next!
Also, don’t forget to check out these pictures and their latest release and self-titled album “Leisure Club.”

Interview by Marymay Peterson

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