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The thing about all this is I’m constantly trying to figure out how to turn the site into something more than – well, a site. But more than that – turning Sea Foaming into more than a projection on your screen, a collection of writing. More – tangible.

I guess that’s the thought process behind our first issue. I’m pretty sure we haven’t really officially announced that yet, but yeah – 100+ page, in-print, ad-free magazine coming your way this September. More on that later.

Anyway – we were talking tangibility. So, welcome to Sea Foaming’s very own little film corner. Surf flicks & short films, maybe the occasional music video and odd full-length. Plus – excerpts from interviews and reviews, so you get the full backstory and experience of each film.

So far, we’ve talked Illegal Civilazation’s biggest production to date: Summer of ’17, and Kristen Stewart’s exquisitely unnerving Directorial debut, Come SwimWe’ve explored Slapper, a gritty, raw, viscerally-charged acclaimed film from rural Australia, covered our very own Olivia William’s new surf feature, Unglued Vacationand [excitedly] announced Kai Neville’s new full-length, Listen Now, Misty DawnPlus, a stunning review of No Love For Fuckboysone of the most beautiful short films I’ve ever seen.

Settle down with an extra pair of socks, armful of snacks, and put your phone on silent. Actually, leave it in the next room. We’ve got your afternoon covered. And oh yeah – we update every day.





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