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Staff Playlist, February ’18

Curated by Ella Jones, Cover Photo by Brook Mckeon

So yet again we have reached the end of another month! Upon tradition, we have collected favorite songs from every staff writer and collated them into a February 2018 Staff Playlist.

You can listen to it on Spotify here: PureNowhere Staff Playlist #2

@hannahsoleillCorduroy Dreams by Rex Orange County

Hannah’s Thoughts: “It fills my stomach with butterflies and gives me a warm feeling throughout my body. This song is the song of your first love, the feeling that love brings. Also, Rex Orange County is so talented. I recommend every song by him!”

@samikatherineePictures of Girls by Wallows

Sami’s Thoughts: “This new release from one of my favourite bands, Wallows, is an upbeat, catchy indie-rock jam that could easily be the song of Summer 2018. If you haven’t heard of Wallows yet, surely you’ve heard of Dylan Minette, who plays Clay Jensen on the Netflix smash hit ’13 Reasons Why’ and is the frontman of the band. Wallows just recently finished up a tour of the West Coast including a sold out night at LA’s El Rey Theater, and are currently on a tour of the East Coast of the US. They’ll be dropping an EP later this spring, so keep an eye out for these guys because they’re gonna be huge in 2018!”

@holdooonnnMe and Michael by MGMT
Holden’s Thoughts: “I picked this song because it is so darn catchy, has a great music video, and because I’m so happy MGMT is back!”

@alana.leia…Like Clockwork by Queens of the Stone Age
Alana’s Thoughts: “I can’t clearly explain why I love this song so much, although it’s a very sad song, I associate it with very happy times. It’s a great song”

@m.arymayLovely by Mt Eddy
Mary’s Thoughts: “This song is definitely one of my favourites by them. I feel that the societal meaning behind it is masked behind a fun punk tune and Jakob’s lovely voice. Super fun to sing along to!”

@kyla.rainPendulum by Bay Faction

Kyla’s Thoughts: “The drums in this song are absolutely amazing and the rhythm of the lyrics compliment it in a way that gives me shivers. I could, and have, listened to this on a complete loop for the past two months. Like when it first starts out it goes, ‘I feel the your tongue tired, drill into my teeth’ and I’m just like, okay wow. The lyrics are so strange but so fitting. My favourite line is ‘Shaken up headache, Tuesday Afternoon. Acting like a drain pipe exploded in your room. I was dripping with aggression, I didn’t know what to do. Serendipitous and trite, I go through this every night’ – It literally just flows off the tongue in this elegant way, makes me want to listen to his voice all the time I cannot even express how much I love it.”

@poladrizeWant You Back by 5SOS

Adri’s Thoughts: “5SOS’ comeback, 3 years after their sophomore album, shows quite a harsh turn in style. I was expecting them to go further into the prog-rock route, but this electronic pop-ballad is more than enough to make it into my favorites of the month. I also appreciate it when bands/artists take the time to get off the radar and really think about the steps they want to take, especially when the band has the potential to make something great. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!”

@emily_browerBroken by lovelytheband

Emily’s Thoughts: “I first heard this song on FM949, a San Diego local music station and I’ve had it on repeat ever since! I relate to the lyrics so much and it just makes me want to get up and dance. This is the first song I’ve heard by lovelytheband and now I can’t stop listening to them.”

@liana.simonelliUlysses and the Sea by Papooz

Liana’s Thoughts: “This song has been one of my favourite songs all month, it’s simple and calming but simultaneously powerful. I’ve replayed this countless times, and it hasn’t gotten old at all. It’s hard to pinpoint why this has really stuck with me, but it’s unique, just really pretty. It’s the first song that came to mind to be the highlight for February. I totally recommend it for anyone who wants to hear a subdued but stunning song.”

@ruby.godMoon River by Frank Ocean

Nathan’s Thoughts: “The layering over the vocals, as well as the background sounds, truly create a dreamy atmosphere, perfect for the upcoming rain and snow season.”

@emilydonvilleNothing New by Charlotte Day Wilson

Emily’s Thoughts: “Charlotte just released her latest EP ’Stone Woman’ and ‘Nothing New’ was her first single. I first heard her when she was featured on a BADBADNOTGOOD song and I love her vocals so much. Her voice is so unique and soulful. ‘Nothing New’ sounds old school yet contemporary at the same time. Her voice perfectly compliments the track which features a heavily layered middle section.”

@srioslyWhen You Die by MGMT

Hector’s Thoughts: “I chose this song because it’s been stuck with me since the release of Little Dark Age. The lyrics are mean and assuring and are meant to stand out from the song. Obviously being about death, the song reminds us all that when ‘you die…words won’t do anything. It’s permanently night and (you) won’t feel anything.’ It’s a fun/sinister jingle that carries on a psychedelic trip to what many may even consider a DMT trip. Pretty wacky huh? I’m also in love with the rest of the album. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

@r0seg0etschA Song About Being Sad by Rex Orange County

Rose’s Thoughts: “The whole album called ‘Bcos U will Never B Free’ is incredible and I specifically love this song because of the vulnerability and how you can hear the emotion in his voice and feel like you understand! Such a genuine and real song!”

@druolonmeSodus by Cemeteries

Lourdes Thoughts: “I adore this song and it’s always been a favourite of mine because it makes you feel in place with everything around you. It’s beautifully reminiscent, good and bad.”

@darlachristensenWhole Wide World by Cage The Elephant

Darla’s Thoughts: “February has personally been an extremely fast-paced month for me and at times overwhelming. Whole Wide World by Cage The Elephant has allowed me to take a moment to slow down and enjoy the little things. The instant I hear the guitar start to strum, it gets me in a happy, upbeat mood that will immediately get me swaying along. Even after I finish singing my heart out, it leaves me with a feeling of hope.”

@sunsetclifsWish You Were Gone by Cosmo Pyke

Grecia’s Thoughts: “This song makes me realize on the tough situation one puts themselves in. It’s a soul finding song, brings a realization, to me it made me realize on how you decide to make up your mind on letting somebody go, but it’s hard so you also want them to stay because you can’t just drop someone you care for. Maybe they don’t feel the same way, they’ve used you as a tool or they think it’s not the right time so you wish they were gone, because you know they’ve taken their welcome for granted. You start feeling the opposite way. Your feelings are staying strong, you know if they leave you’ll be safe and sound because they won’t hurt you anymore. Deep down you know the reality so you stand up for yourself and send them away. I really like this song because it just makes you want to send all the bad away. I chose it because I think it’s very relatable on my current situation, life is messy, so it gives me some realization.”

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