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The Regrettes: a (mostly) girl punk band from Los Angeles California that have been taking over the local scene as we know it. Carrying their modern day “riot grrrl” persona, the group consists of lead singer and guitarist, Lydia Night, bassist Sage Chavis, guitarist Genessa Gariano, and drummer Maxx Morando.
A few days ago one of my favorite bands threw a release show for their latest EP, ‘Attention Seeker,’  at Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles. We have some killer photos by a killer photographer of the whole night.
Let’s take a moment real quick, to admire the fact that this group put a cover of ‘A Teenager In Love’ by Dion & The Belmonts on their EP. I thought I liked the original but I have a whole new level of obsession with their version. I personally think that this new release from the group is a perfect display of how much they’ve grown and evolved since Feel Your Feelings Fool’ was first released in 2017. Their sound has not only matured, but taken on a slightly different energy, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.
Also huge thanks to M.Haight for being a really talented photographer and a really cool dude, check out his work here. 

Photography by Michael Haight

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